The Boys Season Two Review


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Good Morning Lovelies,

After an epic first series, which saw fans around the world taking to these new superheroes, The Boys returned for a second helping. A series that is available on DVD, Blu-Ray and digitally from today.

Picking up from where the first series ended, the show continues to breakdown the norm that is the superhero genre. Gently and at times aggressively taking the opportunity to showcase how much the boys in the show don’t know their own strengths, their second flights sees them trapped. All of which due to their new exposure. Coming to terms with the world knowing about them is how things progress. Again being sensitive and insensitive.

New members join them in the fight of flight passage. All becoming a tight, powerful feature of fun. Even when it isn’t always perfect. Something that does occur every once in a while.

With so many superhero films and shows being serious, this Amazon Original is a nice change from the dark underworld we all know. The characters may push boundaries but always to an acceptable level. One we can accept and get on board with. Not be frightened off with.

Taking us on a second adventure that will have you laughing one minute, sitting back in shock in another and open mouthed the next, The Boys are back. Saving the day with a second helping that can only lead to a promising third.

4 Stars

Joey X

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