Midsomer Murders Series 21 Review


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Murder mysteries come in waves when autumn and winter hits! Visual proof as to why it is better to stay in when the evenings get darker, the likes of Luther, The Fall and Sherlock have been creating scares and thrills for years. Now joining them, as it comes out on DVD and digitally, is the new series of Midsomer Murders, the longest running detective drama of the bunch.

With over 20 years of screen time now and over 395 murders having taken place, the show knows exactly what to do to continue to hook audiences in with its 21st series. Full of powerful performances, the show has a way of making you want to watch on. Starting off in a very odd manner, with plenty of details needed to hook the audience in, the show moves along in a way that simply clicks into place like all the previous series have done.

The world within the series has been adapted in a professional manner that feels right for this time of year. It feels like it should be on our screens and the cast reflects that. All put on in a fabulous manner throughout and know what to do to make sure audiences are not put off by the strange opening.

In fact, once you get over the opening, it is a series that makes you want to lock all your doors and never open them again. It is full of tragedy, depth and clever use of landscape and history. One of the best dramas ever, this will make you pleased that you tuned in because everyone will be talking about it for years to come. Especially once the later episodes are played and the finale is revealed.

With a fantastic cast, strong script and clever storylines, the 21st series of Midsomer Murders flows onto our screens well. It will leave you locking all your doors and windows well before you get to the end of the series due to the shocks and horrors witnessed. Something you know marks a good series.

4 Stars

Joey X

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