Forget The Box! It Is Time To Enjoy A Dick On A Stick In My New Snack Series!


Hey Lovelies, 

A few days ago I requested some fun snacks to feature on the blog. Having decided to bring back some exciting series, including the Sunday Bakes, I decided that as a lifestyle and entertainment site, snacks are super important for me to mention. Especially when there are so many interesting ones being launched around the world. 

Recently I broke my jaw. The ice and snow were not my friend lovelies. There so, I am now having to work with a liquid diet. Plus, with my anorexia this has meant that I have had to try and get inventive. But nothing is as inventive than this new snack I simply love for many reasons. 

Made fresh every day, Dick on a Stick, are a brand new snack brand, who make some of the funniest but from my mum’s reaction tastiest waffle based desserts. Described on their website as, “Fully erect, ready to eat - 6.2" of premium waffle delivered anonymously to the dick deserving,” each flavour has an exciting name, including Boris, Sloppy and Bust A Nut, to name a few. 

I received the Boris one, when the team kindly asked me if I would like to try one. Filled with milk and white Bueno chocolate, the vanilla waffle, named after our Prime Minister, comes in a bright pink box that doesn’t reveal what is inside. A great idea if you want to send this to someone as a surprise or laugh. Along with a vanilla sauce that is great for dipping the stick in. 

Being unable to eat it, I found myself giving it to my mum. I know this is a weird thing to give a parent, but I just didn’t want it to go to waste. Plus, my mum loves waffles. Warming it up in the microwave, my mum decided to start her day with the snack. Heating the sauce along with it, she drizzled it all over and delved in. 

Super soft, full of chocolate and perfect with the vanilla sauce, my mum stated that the waffle was definitely worth the money. Priced normally at £14.99 (it is on sale at £12.99 right now), the snack is a little bit more expensive than one in a shop, but it is original, fun and something that will be sure to make the person enjoying it laugh. 

Plus, with such a great selection, including chocolate dipped, salted caramel, champagne and Nutella filled options, there is a dick on a stick for everyone to enjoy. They are great for birthdays, hen nights and just as a fun parcel for the waffle lover in your life. I instantly knew of someone who would make an inside joke out of it if I was to send them one. 

Having seen the item before I was sent it, I was excited for it to arrive. When it did I was shocked but in a good way. I now can’t wait to send some to people I know as a snack surprise. They are not going to know what has hit them aha! 

To find out more about Dick on a Stick or to purchase one to try yourself lovelies, head to their website, which also has a number of other products lovelies, including a wank wipe napkin and mugs. Yes, it may all sound very odd, but you are going to love them. I promise aha!

Let me know if you get one of these impressive snacks and look out for more snack reviews soon! 

Joey X

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