Recharge Your Senses This Summer With Boostology+'s New Candle Collection


Good Morning Lovelies,

For a long time now, candles have been my biggest love. I’ve begged for them in fact. I have picked up plenty in my local shops. I have even stocked up and filed my bedroom cupboard with my favourite winter ones. 

So, when Boostology+ messaged to ask if I would like to try one of their exciting new candle holders and hand-poured tealights, I couldn’t wait. Decedent in black marble, the soy candles smell incredible from the first opening of the box and perfect for the next few summer months. 

Coming in a black box, the candle was slotted into it surrounded by six of the candles. Each one smelling of bergamot, pink grapefruit and lemon. A scent built to help you recharge. Something that I think we all need still with the clocks having changed recently. 

I won't lie to you lovelies, I was a little worried about the candles, due to an allergy to soy. Yet, these are not too overpowering and I have found them safe to burn. With a really fresh smell, it is like breathing in summer air. That feeling of going out for a nice sunny walk in a daisy filled field. Or sipping a cooling drink in the sunshine. 

Alright, I will stop now, before it becomes a bit too much like the Sound of Music opening scene. However, I do really love this candle set. Fitting in perfectly with the new look I am building in my room, it gives off a futuristic and stylish vibe. It slots in well with my new tapestry and I can’t wait to find out what more of the collection is like. Especially the different candles and their scents. 

As a new product, I really like the black marble effect and the way that the smells affect my senses. It is the perfect candle and holder to give as a gift or to keep for yourself. It may seem small, but it is mighty. 

To find out more about Boostology+ lovelies, head to their website. You will not be disappointed I promise!

Joey X

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