Happy New Year Lovelies! Goodbye 2020, You Were The Year I Can't Hate Completely...



Good Morning Lovelies, 

2020! Well what can I say about this year. It has been one epic shit storm in a teacup. From being an inpatient at the start of the year working towards my dream goal of Disneyland Paris at Christmas. To Covid being the bitch to ruin it all. Before ending the year on the biggest low possible with the death of my dad, it is safe to say it has been one hell of a time. 

Yet, I can’t hate it completely. It is the final year I got to spend with my dad. The last one he was alive for and there so, I can’t hate it. It was the year that showed me how strong I am. I challenged my eating disorder in so many ways. I got closer to people again. 

My mum Jane was and became even more so my superhero. I got to do a radio show and hosted lots of events within the village I live that made the paper. I fell in love with loads of things that I had missed out on again too.

So, whilst I won’t be sad to see it disappear, I am thankful for 2020. I’m not sure what 2021 may bring. I’m not making many plans. I am simply going to go in and see what it brings, starting by wishing you all a very happy one.

Happy New Year Lovelies! I Love You All! And here is to the start of a very blog filled 2021, which will be filled with lifestyle, entertainment and possibly a podcast. Let’s just start with this one for now shall we!

Joey X

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