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Hey Lovelies, 

Recently I have been watching a lot of great films and TV shows. Maybe it is because of lockdown, but for most of it, I am finding a love for them again. Allowing my brain the time to enjoy them has been huge for me and the steps I am taking in my recovery. As I have been watching I have been making notes and thought I would do a small number of reviews to share with you on a select few I have seen. Because what is a good binge-watch if you can’t tell others whether something is good or not…

The Crown Series Three Review

It isn’t long now until we will be graced with the beauty of the fourth season of this incredible Netflix show on the royal family. Meaning now is the time to binge the third series again. One that is so different to the previous two in all the right ways. With a new cast taking over, including the formidable Olivia Colman as the Queen, alongside Helena Bonham Carter, Charles Dance and more recognisable faces, the storylines are a highlight to some of the biggest moments in history. Especially the episode dedicated to the tragic 1966 Aberfan disaster. A piece that will teach both young and old the reactions of the monarchy in a whole new way. For a show that has gripped the world for nearly four seasons now, there is a lot to be learned. Every tiny detail has been thought of and it truly pays off. There is a royal gem in each episode and a triumph of a series is born. 

5 Stars

Vikings Season Six Review

Not every TV show manages to make such a huge impact after so many series, yet the sixth one of Vikings is a gripping thrill ride. There is an endless range of action, romance and darkness that doesn’t let up, but you don’t want it to. You find as a viewer that the characters have become even more compelling and with such stunning scenery and storylines such as these, you can’t help but want to watch on. Throughout the show manages to make a compelling case that historical features can be brilliant when done right like this. 

4 Stars

El  Camino Review

Breaking Bad was a show that many of us spent days binging. When news came that this year would see some of our most beloved characters return, the preparations for the ultimate screening began. Picking up right where the show left off, the series brings a sense of a real ending for viewers, with lots of closure. Filled with new content and flashbacks, you learn of Jesse Pinkman’s (Aaron Paul) future and past. You learn of what become of his life and why he fell into the drug-making process that his now-dead science teacher, Walter White (Brian Cranston), created. Whilst it may not be the show, it works and feels like an extended episode. One that has no flaws. Apart from the fact that Pinkman’s famous catchphrase isn’t used. Something that we can easily forgive when this feature is so good. 

4 Stars

Adult Material Review

Starting a new series with the sounds of an orgasm taking place is a bold move to make. Yet that is exactly the way in which this one does. Starring Hayley Squires in the lead role, Adult Material is a bold and statement-making series that will stay with you long after watching. The script holds nothing back and the actors give performances of a lifetime within it. There are plenty of twists and turns, with comedy and emotion at the forefront of the show. On every level, though it works. Audience members who watched, The Secret Diary of A Call Girl, will be reminded throughout of the brilliance of Piper. Yet, with a new lead and a completely original storyline, the show is a one of a kind winner. 

4 Stars

What have you all been watching lovelies? 

Joey X

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