Finding The Way Back Review


Hey Lovelies, 

Since lockdown began, we have had a whole host of films that we have missed out on. Not always because of the lack of support to our local cinemas, but because they just haven’t had the noise made about them in which they normally would. One of these features is Finding The Way Back, starring Ben Affleck, which is out today on DVD, digitally and Blu-Ray. 

When construction worker Jack (Affleck), is given a second chance to live again - after falling into a downward spiral of booze to ease the pain of a past event - by coaching the student basketball team, he decides to give it his all. However, what he finds isn’t what he expected at all and soon he can’t help but wonder if he made the right choice. 

Many films have followed the same storyline or pattern. The need to save the struggling team from falling into complete despair, all whilst finding it hard to hold his own life together, is something that has been shown in Coach Carter and more. Yet, Affleck’s own personal struggles with alcohol add a sense of commitment and personality that others have lacked. 

Yet, it doesn’t save the film from the familiar tropes that viewers will come to expect. The sports story has been repeated to death. The characters are figures we have connected with many times before. The Mean Girls-style grouping of them easily able to be spotted without having to have them pointed out. 

Sadly, the feature just doesn’t make a new story out of anything. Affleck is the reason to watch in fact. With such a personal element involved, he is able to convey a powerful performance that will remind you of his talents. It is sad that the film just can’t win us over in the same way. 

2 Stars

Joey X

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