Christmas Has Arrived At Dunelm! Discover What Happened During Their Virtual Showcase...


Hey Lovelies, 

Christmas is my favourite time of the year! If I could celebrate it every day I would. Seeing the mince pies, decorations and gift ideas coming into shops at the moment is filling my heart with joy. I have even started present shopping and am more than halfway done.

Spending time watching videos online, I have also begun to look for inspiration on how to decorate my home this festive season. Last year, I spent the actual day in the hospital on my own, as the rest of the ward emptied for the event. So, I am making this year the biggest celebration I can!

Starting with an early decoration inspiration session that I attended a Zoom call for this week. Dunelm have always blown me away with their inspiring looks, items and team members who are always on hand to help give the festive gift that keeps on giving.

With everything that has happened and is happening this year, the normal Christmas look book event happened online. It felt a little strange, but it actually was something that I feel more brands should do. Putting four amazing team members in the room together to discuss what we should all be doing this year, their favourite things about the festive season and what we can all look out for in Dunelm stores this November and December, a colourful Christmas festivity was had.

Pom poms, paper garlands and colourful tassels were dotted around the room. Whilst questions could be asked about some of the best ways to decorate a room with simple items. Something I got involved in, as I love making pom poms but often run out of ideas on what to do with them. Using them on wine glasses as markers was one idea I got back and we are definitely going to follow through with it.

Hearing suggestions about using frosted colourings, glitter and simple paper designs, mixed in with brought or treasured items, had me holding myself back from getting the decorations out there and then. Christmas is a special time for all and the team knew exactly what to do to make sure a room looked stylish and sophisticated. All whilst reflecting yourself in it.

As the discussions died down, the team split up to share other ideas, including how to set the perfect table. A gorgeous runner, stacked plates and personal touches, such as different colours for each person, are just some ways that you can make the room you are in feel homey but decorated. When I think about what was mentioned, the ideas are so simple, yet I hadn’t ever thought about them in that way before. Or thought about doing them should I say.

Once the table designing team had finished, the session moved onto a crating event. Making patterned candles and homemade napkins, using pieces and paints that can be found around the house, I have rediscovered my love of making gifts. For me, if a homemade gift arrives on my lap, I treasure it more.

I feel like something or someone has taken time to think about me, what I like and how it should be. And hopefully vice versa. These ideas were done in a matter of moments, with only a few tools, but lots of ideas that can be recreated in many ways for many people. I adored diving into the craft box, especially with the candle idea. I’ve even been thinking about buying more, getting a few stencils and starting to make some to try and sell nearer to the festive season.

Wrapping up the afternoon this way, left me feeling like I had celebrated Christmas. I had been treated to a lovely making moment, a helpful discussion and a festive table designing session. All with ideas that I will be replicating on the 25th December. A day that needs to hurry up and get here quickly.

Dunelm may not have been able to have their normal day, but I loved everything about this session. I hope in some ways that they do this again next year. It was a lot of fun! Now I just need to know when it is okay to put the tree up?

Joey X

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