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Hey Lovelies,

Have you ever looked at a home or flat on the little or big screen and just dreamed of living in it? Sometimes the reality of doing so seems so far away. But knowing that the characters on screen are also renters is something that we can all take comfort from at times. Especially when they live in such amazing places. 

Over the years, I have built a dream home in my head that has been influenced by some of the renters I have seen on TV and in films. They have made me dream up places and spaces that I can only hope I can recreate in the future when I move out. Hopefully there is a lovely landlord somewhere who will allow me to rent a place that I can make these dreams come true, whilst making sure every piece of my dream home is safe, with great insurance. One like CIA Landlord Insurance, who have provided over 20 years of protection for first-time landlords and established lettings agencies most valuable assets to help protect your investment against every situation that arises.

With this in mind I thought it would be nice to delve into my top five renters and the inspiration that they have given us when it comes to changing up our homes for the better. All of which who have no worries about their landlords, as they all seem to have faith that they are safe. You can definitely bet Monica and Chandler’s home is on here...

Monica & Chandler’s Flat, Friends: I know that for many the apartment might not be Chandler and Monica’s at the beginning of the show, but by the end of it this is the home that we come to love even more because of them. Whether it be the famous picture frame or the purple paint, these small touches can be applied to any home without any worries. Plus, an orange sofa can add a little Central Perk touch too.

Carrie Bradshaw’s Flat, Sex & The City: The original fashion lover had the wardrobe and home furnishings that we all wanted. Even when she moved out, her built-in wardrobe remained something that we yearned for. Changing a cupboard or making the spare room in your rented apartment into a walk in wardrobe will be a sure thing win. 

The Den, New Girl: Known for being a party house, Jess and co made sure that the bare wall and floors look popular. No need to go over the top with decorations, it is more about the small accessories that make this rented apartment one that I adore. It even had so much space that you could make the layout really stand out in other ways, such as adding a room for guests or a home cinema. 

Sheldon and Leonard’s Apartment, The Big Bang Theory: Together these two couldn’t be beaten. Even when they were doing mad science themed adventures in their apartment. Thankfully nothing ever damaged the flat that the pair rented from a landlord who I am sure would have been worried by some of the things that happened in it. Recreate their creativity with a whiteboard, books and computers, to have the home of studying dreams. 

The Humprey’s Loft, Gossip Girl: Okay, so we may all have been loving the looks and wanting the homes of Chuck, Blair and Serena, but there was something so cosy about the way in which Dan and his family’s home looked. Everyone turned to the loft in times of trouble and that is why I think Rufus refused to not pay stop paying rent on it. Turn your home into a cosy one for nothing, with simple family touches like they did. Musical instruments, records and blankets placed around the room can make any home feel personal and loved. 

These are just a few of the TV homes in which I have fallen in love with over the years. I could name so many more, especially from films, but I wanted to share just a simple few. Ideas can spring from any fashionable home that you can apply to your own. All in as little or no time at all. It can even be as simple as moving some items around to get it just right. Something that you will feel when you have a feeling built inside of you of it being perfect. 

A feeling you can get with CIA Landlord Insurance too lovelies, which you can find out more about on their website. With lots of trusted partners and a team on hand to help in every situation, your landlord will never let you down, as they have a great team behind them to ensure that everything remains safe and secure. Make sure to take a look and stay safe when it comes to renting your first home or flat or even if you are moving into another. Knowing that your landlord is working with CIA Landlord Insurance will be sure to help you every step of the way. 

What film or TV homes stand out to you lovelies? Or do you dream of living in or recreating? Let me know in the comments below or on social media, as I would love to know! 

Joey X

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