Government Food Packages: Thank You Hertfordshire County Council For All Your Help!


Hey Lovelies, 

Over the past few weeks, my local council, Hertfordshire County Council, have been amazing in helping my family. Since lockdown began, my dad has been shielding himself, due to several health conditions. As soon as he got his letters from the doctor and hospital, the Hertshelp and Herts FullStop team were here to help us with local food parcels that were set up by the council to help those in need. 

With deliveries coming every week, we have had an amazing number of parcels that have helped us every week. I have challenged my anorexia with the foods given and my parents have been able to make weekly meal plans and stuck to them throughout. 

Sadly, the budget the council had for the parcels have run out, meaning they are having to stop the service, but I am so grateful to every person who helped us with them. We started around four weeks ago and we have been astonished by them every time they have arrived. 

We have discovered new brands, come up with new recipes and even helped neighbours in need as well. We have been able to connect with people through the scheme. We kept up with our pledge to give back the foods to our local food bank if we could not or would not use an item. It has made us want to do more to help others in need in the future. In the same way that people have helped us. 

This post is a huge thank you and dedication to the help and support that Hertfordshire County Council has given us. Even when they rang up a few days to tell us the scheme would be stopping; they were quick to help us set up a plan of action for the future. They still wanted to help us and for that, I will be forever grateful. 

I am sure if you are struggling, they would be happy to help you lovelies, so please do reach out to them. As I said before this is my local council’s ending, so you may also still be able to get this help through yours wherever you are in the country as well lovelies. Right now though, I just want to say a massive thank you so much to Hertfordshire County Council for everything you have done for my family! We will never forget it! 

Joey X

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