Five Ways To Plan A Big Event Under Lockdown


Hey Lovelies,

Little luxuries are very important right now. Especially if you are celebrating a big event during lockdown. In a few weeks time, I will be hosting an at-home birthday party for my mum, whilst also marking Father’s Day on the same day. With a little time to go, I have a while to come up with ideas, but I have already begun thinking about things I can do, even whilst we are under lockdown.

I know that it is hard to come with ideas though and to think about how to make something so special, when the people that they would want there cannot be. In some weird ways though, I have used this as inspiration. Below are just a few of the ideas I have come up with and planned already that I thought may help you all if you are in the same place as I am.

Host A Virtual Event: Starting with a simple one, I have decided to host a virtual party for my mum. Although we may be allowed to visit other homes again, I know that a party will not be possible. Or well, I think it will not be aha! There so, we will be hosting a Zoom party in her honour, with her family and friends all invited. Easier to set up, with a Facebook event page and no cleaning up afterward, it is probably the easiest party I have ever arranged for her.

Order in Food: With two of the biggest days in my calendar, apart from Christmas, falling on the same day this year, I want to make sure that no cooking is done in our house. My mum deserves to have a rest on her birthday, so I have been looking at hampers and special food parcels to have delivered to the house. Something she and my dad can enjoy as a special treat. Although, I also know my mum will enjoy a simple takeaway from our local, so I will be discussing which she would prefer before the big event in a sneaky way.

Get Presents Sorted Now: Delivering parcels has changed since the pandemic began. Now packages take a little longer to come and I completely understand why this is happening. There so, if you are buying gifts for others, it is best to order them way before the actual date. This is a safe way to make sure the presents get there in time. Even if they do arrive super early, it will be a true test to make sure they do not open them before they should do aha!

Online Party Decorations: In our house we would normally pop to Home Bargains, Poundland or B&M to find party decorations. However, there are some great packs online that can be ordered in. A great way to support smaller businesses too, I have seen some great quality items that have rave reviews I would not have seen before. Our house will be maxed out as well for an affordable price.

Dress-Up at Home: Get the party people to dress up. I am planning to make sure that my family gets all dressed up and we have a sit-down meal on my mum’s birthday. I want her to feel special and getting all fancy will do that. Even if we are staying at home. I am going to do her hair, put perfume on her and make sure that she knows how beautiful she is every minute of the day.

What are some of your tips for throwing a party or celebrating a birthday under lockdown lovelies?

Joey X

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