Five Things That Happen When You Watch Love Island


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Hey Lovelies, 

Love Island is back for a winter edition and I just can’t get my head around it. I feel like I should be telling them to put their coats on, because they will catch a cold, instead of seeing them in their bikinis and swim shorts. With the normal series coming out in the summer, it has also messed with what month I think it is.

There is so much now in society that we associate with the show. It is a summer series for me. It makes me want to go out and sunbathe. Something we can’t really do in the cold dark months that this series is bringing.

Each time the show is on though, there are things that always happen and occur. Especially the following:

You Will Have A Favourite from The Start: Kem and Chris. Dani and Jack. There is no denying that from the first episode you will have a favourite and stick by them throughout because they are 100% your type on paper.

Booking A Holiday May Happen: Even though they mostly only stay in a villa, the need to book a holiday will happen. There will also probably come a time when wanting and actually booking happens.

You’ll Remember Your SPF: Each series come with one contestant who ends up beetroot red. This will remind you to buy your sun cream and check the SPF right away for your next break to avoid tomato pictures.

Text Messages Will Never Be the Same Again: We just get over the need to shout, “I’ve got a text,” when the series comes around again. Now with two series a year, the need to shout it and doing so is never going away. Get ready for a whole load of texting and shouting.

You’ll Have A Bottle with Your Name on It: The trend to have a bottle with your name on it like the islanders is going to be huge this year. You will want to be the trend starter at work or home, so get yours now if you haven’t already.

What does Love Island mean to you lovelies? Send me a text letting me know aha!

Joey X

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