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Hey Lovelies, 

Marlon Brando is a legend of the screen in every way. Whether it be for his performance as Stanley in A Streetcar Named Desire or his unforgettable turn in The Godfather, his film catalogue is one many aspiring actor wants to have.

However, it is his work in On The Waterfront that really makes him a standout perform. The heart wrenching, emotional feelings Brando gives in the portrayal still stand the test of time, as the film marks it’s re-release this December in a new 4K format.

Displayed in a beautiful new aspect ratio, the feature has a way of making you think about everything life has to show. A deep poetic script of need and desires are shown throughout Terry Malloy’s character masterpiece. Poems that make the eight-time Oscar winner still a powerful viewing feature.

Brando is a force to be had in the feature and it is easy to see why his turn as the troubled prizefighter is one not many forget. It is his true shining moment as an actor. Lines are said that no one can forget. Powerful feelings displayed in close up shots that make it an amazing view.

Even after all these years, the film has a way of making audiences feel something. Emotions that you may have never felt before. With so many Oscars, it is a feature that should be proud to be so influential. Even after all this time. If you’ve never seen in, watch it now in this beautiful platform. If you’ve seen it before, take it as the right time to watch it all over again.

5 Stars

Joey X

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