Detectorists Complete Box Set Review



Good Morning Lovelies,

Since it first appeared on the BBC, Detectorists has been a show built to make people laugh. Not always intentionally, but in a very successful way.

After what feels like a very long break for many of us, the show returns with a new feature film. A Christmas TV delight last year. Following Mackenzie Crook’s Andy and Toby Jones’ Lance, the show and film presents them facing many of lives problems, whilst they calmly search for earths treasures.

Using wit, sarcasm and clever moments of comedy entwined with the story of the show, Mackenzie Crook and Toby Jones have both managed to build a show that is enjoyable for all. It is a show that has been made to make people smile. A good old-fashioned British comedy in fact.

Both characters are very lovable and remind you of the dynamic that has been shown in Peep Show and Men Behaving Badly. Two men who have their issues but manage to make you love them no matter what. 

While the two may spend a lot of time digging for gold, they really don’t have to because they have it with this show and feature film. Fingers crossed for more in the future!

4 Stars

Joey X

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