Blogmas Day Nine: Jingle Bells This Festive Season With The Gift of A Ring Video Doorbell


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Hey Lovelies, 

When Christmas comes there is nothing better than decorating your home! However, it is also a vital time to keep your home safe. There so, when the team at Ring offered me the chance to review one of their doorbells I quickly accepted.

After hearing about them online and then seeing the advert on the TV I have always wanted one. Having the camera around to safely see who has come to your home, to discuss a safe storage place for a parcel and to give an AI set of eyes to protect the home was also an appeal.

On Saturday last week, I was kindly sent the Ring Video Doorbell 2. The latest system created by the company. Compact but with lots of additional elements, I was amazed upon opening the box at what o discovered. Everything and all had been catered for.

Included in the box, the new Ring has two faces to place over the button, two wall mounts to allow you to fit it to all angles required, as well as an additional one to mount to another Ring set doorbell or previous bell. There was also the equipment needed to mount them to the wall, such as plugs, screws and a drill bit.

One element that instantly stood out to me was the ability to paint the mount. We didn’t need to do this, but the fact that we could, was really great and something I had never seen a company offer before. The amount of thought for each part was also brilliant and as a customer, I felt like I had been catered for in every way.

Setting up the device was super easy. Upon opening the box, you can choose between three different guides in different languages. These take you through each easy step of set up through the Ring App. With written and video footage to follow, all you need to do to connect the Ring to your smart devices is add it to your Wifi. Once done, you are up and running. Safety starting straight away.

After connection had been done, it took us five minutes to drill, screw and place the Ring on the wall next to our house. I then went out and brought a Ring Chime later in the day to make it into a doorbell away from our phone as well. But it doesn’t need this if you don’t want it.

Every motion around 5 metres of our house is now being monitored. When it occurs, my phone buzzes or has a wind chime tone that goes off to tell me. It is then filmed and to say it has been interesting is an understatement.

On the day of set up, I got a notification in the evening saying someone had come near the house. Even though we were out. Watching the footage back, I could see that it was a man we didn’t know, who walked up our path, must have seen it was the wrong house and turned back away. Something we wouldn’t know about without the camera. Plus, with the live element, I can check my house at any time and love this part of it.

Sadly when it comes to Christmas, there is always the horror that something may get ruined by terrible people. We’ve have had a few problems with people ruining decorations in our neighbourhood before, so having this little bit of extra protection is really reassuring. Especially when I am going to be in hospital for most of December.

We may not all be able to be Kevin from Home Alone, but with Ring, we can be a whole lot safer. I would definitely recommend one to anyone who asks, after seeing how brilliant they are at keeping your house safe. I now want to invest in more cameras for the home through it. Especially with some cheeky Elf’s being about this month.

To find out more about Ring or the Ring Video Doorbell 2, head to their website lovelies. It will definitely ring your bell!

Joey X

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