Blogmas Day 28: Five Family Friendly Ways To Spend The Week Between Christmas & New Year


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Hey Lovelies, 

Family time can be stressful when it comes to the holiday season. Whilst we all seek to meet up with everyone and have a good time, the week between Christmas and New Year’s can cause a few arguments. Especially when boredom sets in. There is a lot of fun though that can be had during that time though.

From crafting to role-playing, getting everyone involved in something doesn’t have to cause a whole host of drama. Just some simple planning. A bit like a TV guide if you will. Peek inside and you find that at least one thing each day will catch your eye.

Personal experiences and dream ones have led to the list featured, which I hope will bring some fun to the week that no one really knows what is happening in for all:

Create a Tent Inside: Grab those cosy blankets, sheets and cushions and make a fort inside. The weather looks set to be raining in the UK, so now is the perfect time to wrap up warm and stick on some festive films. Forts are always fun, no matter what age you are.

Get Crafty: Although it isn’t Christmas time, it doesn’t mean you can’t get the arts and crafts out still. Spend a moment in your day searching up ideas on YouTube or Pinterest and then get busy. New Year’s Eve party decorations. January home décor features. The possibilities of what you and the family could create are endless with just a bit of help.

Head Outside: With so much on the TV and the weather being unpredictable, you can end up staying inside a lot of the time. But I always find that heading outside, even if just for a little bit of fresh air can help to clear the mind. Especially when it comes to this confusing time when we forget the days of the week and more. Leave the remote behind and pop on your coat and wellies for some fun. You could even make a winter bingo for the kids to try and spot things whilst out, such as fancy decorations or nature.

Have A Clear Out: Making way for the new by sorting out the old is a great way to spend a day. After Christmas, we always seem to have more stuff than we can handle, with presents and Boxing Day purchases piling up. See what you can get rid of or sell even and clear some room. Not only will it make you feel calmer, but it could also make a difference if donated to charity.

New Year’s Planning: No not the party kind, but instead time spent planning what you want from the new year. The new decade in fact. It could be a list, a proper plan or simply a few ideas that you want to get into or achieve. Planning can be a bit of a pressure, but if you are happy to do it and know that you don’t have to stick to it, as a year is a long time, then you could make some big changes before this year has even ended. Nothing better than a bit of a head start.

However, you decide to spend the next few days, whether it be watching the brilliant holiday specials on TV, cleaning out your home or simply looking after yourself, have fun. That is the most important thing. Even if you are working, take some time and get your work wife/husband to help you stay happy and healthy in the oddest week of the year. Oh, and just to let you know, it is Saturday today! Only a few days left of 2019 to go aha!

Joey X

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