How To Have The Ultimate 2019 Firework's Night


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Hey Lovelies, 

Fireworks night comes with a lot of conflicting emotions. Some people adore it. Others hate it. Recently I posted on a coupon site about the sale of fireworks and it caused a very heated conversation.

I don’t really have a strong emotion about it other than staying safe and having fun. I want to ensure that people know the dangers, but I won’t stop you from hosting a fun event in your garden emotions if you will. Where I live, we have an annual fireworks and bonfire display, which everyone gathers for.

It is one of the only times that we do get together for the big event. Something I wish my local community did more of in fact. Having grown up with it, I know that it brings a lot of joy. It is one of the first signs that Christmas is on its way. A banger to start the festive season if you will.

There so, I wanted to share with you all a few tips to really make your fireworks night, whatever day you may be gathering to celebrate special. Check them out below:

Gather All Your Family and Friends: If where you live is hosting an event or you have spotted somewhere special, get everyone together to go to it. It will build memories for life.

Cosy Up Warm: Stay super on-trend but also super snug whilst enjoying the show. Use the event as an opportunity to wear that fancy new scarf or hat.

Bring Out All the Snacks: Get those hot dogs and warm winter juices at the ready. Putting on a spread after the big bangs will warm everyone back up after being outside. You could also take them with you to enjoy whilst viewing.

Get Some Sparkles: Pop on some gloves and have some big kid fun with a pack of sparkles. Hand them out to everyone and get them to write their names. Draw some shiny designs or just embrace the trinkets of light that come from a sparkler. Just make sure to stay safe when handling!

Have A Big Sleepover: Gather all the blankets, pillows and duvets you own and have a giant sleepover. Kids will think you have given them the ultimate treat and adults will turn into big kids again. Build forts and bring the snacks into them. Gather your pets and keep them company if they have been scared by the loud noises. Whatever you fancy, a sleepover is always fun to have throughout the colder months.

Fireworks night may not be until the 5th of November, but you will be remembering it for a lifetime lovelies if you do a few of these simple steps. It’s going to be banging!

Joey X

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