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Hey Lovelies,

In a world filled with Brexit nightmares, it comes as no surprise that the world of horror films is ever-growing and getting ever great. With ghouls and goblins out to get us throughout October, there is one film that is terrorising all with its graphic scenes and horrific storyline. The feature, Midsommar, out today on DVD, Blu-ray and digitally, captured audiences around the world and rightly so!

Deciding to head on a trip to Sweden to get closer to her boyfriend (Jack Reynor), Dani (Florence Pugh) finds herself being dragged into a cult following that ends up being the stuff of true nightmares. After getting an email from her sister, which leads to a family tragedy, the trip is supposed to be a relaxing backpacking trip for the pair and his friends (featuring Will Poulter). However, it is anything but when a tribe leads them into a Swedish forest, causing heartache, panic and above all else the undeniability that some of them may not be leaving.

In many ways, director Ari Aster has called upon the likes of The Wicker Man, to draw in the story for this monster of feature. With more horror films placing characters in situations that seem to real to be true but could happen, the stories are more frantic to watch. There is no denying that when watching Midsommar, you can’t help but want to grab the cast and beg them to leave what they are about to get caught up in. You want to shake them and tell them to run.

Yet, throughout watching, you know that this is not going to be the case and the more they delve into it, the harder it is to watch. As the gore grows, the gripping nature does as well. Something that as a viewer is a horrific realisation to watch. There is nothing that can stop you from doing so though. A clever feature element for all those involved, but especially that of the directors towards the audience.

Unsettling in every way, the casting, storyline and close-ups lead to a film that shouldn’t be so enjoyable to watch. For a horror film though, it works in every possible way. The actors stand out and make you feel for them, apart from those within the cult. The story has been crafted to keep you guessing, even when you can see what might come next. There is so much in which works that it leaves you not wanting to watch more, but also wanting to delve into Aster’s world just a little bit longer. Something that marks a good film that deserves all the attention.

5 Stars

Joey X

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