Blogtober Day 18: The Autumn Bloggers Tag 2019


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Hey Lovelies, 

Friday is finally here and so I thought as we begin the weekend that I would let you into my world just a little bit. This Autumn tag is one I hope you all enjoy and has left me feeling all cosy and warm inside.

Whilst you have a little read, I am off to find a cosy jumper, a gingerbread candle and to see if I have any chai teabags left. All will be explained why below:

What signifies the start of Autumn for you?
When the leaves start to fall off the trees and wearing jumpers is okay again! I wear them all year round, but I love it when everyone else wears them whilst cosied up in scarfs, boots and coats too.

What is your favourite Fall scent?
I have a serious love for all kinds of perfumes, but for me, it must be something baking wise. Especially if it is a candle scent. Probably, gingerbread right now, but vanilla or sugar cookies are also up there.

What is your favourite Autumn colour?
I love maroons and browns. They remind me so much for the leaves and conkers on the ground that come along with autumn.

What is your favourite Autumn drink?
Peppermint and licorice tea or a chai latte! Probably a chai latte if I had to pick out of the two, as it instantly makes me feel all warm and cosy inside.

What TV show, new or old are you looking forward to this Fall?
Autumn makes me want to go back to classic shows, so I always look forward to snuggling up with Friends and Strictly. As soon as I hear the Strictly theme tune, I think of autumn and winter season. This year, I am looking forward to the Gavin & Stacey special the most.

What is your favourite Autumn fashion trend?
Big cosy jumpers! I always look for them in the sale the year before and stock up, but then end up buying more when it comes to them popping up in shops. Nothing beats a cosy pair of leggings and a big baggy jumper.

What is your favourite Autumn activity?
Walking in the leaves, staying in and being all warm and going to the cinema. Autumn brings with it the best films and TV shows, so heading to catch them before awards season is key.

Are you a bigger fan of Halloween or Christmas?
Christmas! I simply love it in every way. I have even started listening to Christmas songs on some of my walks and I am not even sorry aha!

Please feel free to take this tag and do it on your own websites’ lovelies, because I am tagging you all in it! Don’t forget to share it with me though if you do it in the comments below! 

Joey X 

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