Blogtober Day 15: The Best Buffy The Vampire Slayer Episodes To Watch This Halloween


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Hey Lovelies, 

Buffy is the ultimate TV queen when it comes to Halloween. Fighting vampires, zombies and even humans, she proves time and time again that she is the ultimate badass. With Halloween just around the corner, it feels like the right time to binge on the series that gave us a love and hatred for vampires. All over the world!

Every episode could have been chosen and I am definitely encouraging a binge-watch session this Halloween. These five are just a few that I think are a must if you are not sure where to start though lovelies….

Halloween (Episode 6, Season 2): Start where you mean to go on lovelies, with this special Halloween focused episode. If there was ever a better time to watch Buffy, then this is the one. It is the season that was made for her and this episode is pure Halloween perfection in every way. Navigating the evilest night of the year with her friends and loved ones, no one is safe.

Dead Man’s Party (Episode 2, Season 3): Halloween is all about the parties when you get older, but you really don’t want to go one like this. The characters are tormented by the evil figures who are coming back from the dead as zombies. Let me be the first to say that there is nothing scarier than zombies.

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Gingerbread (Episode 11, Season 3): There is nothing scarier than creepy kids on Halloween and this episode is full of them. Best to watch after the trick or treaters have been and gone, this episode will also bring in those Christmas vibes with the title of the episode. We all know everyone starts celebrating it after Halloween.

Hush (Episode 10, Season 4): Featuring probably some of the scariest monsters in the history of the Buffy series, this episode will give you the creeps well into your Halloween night. The face in the window is a moment that will forever make me jump and never want to look outside ever again.

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Buffy vs. Dracula (Episode 1, Season 5): Set within the later series, there is no denying that Dracula still reigns supreme in the Halloween costume world and this episode allows the origins of him to come to light. After a party or a night spent in helping to spread ghoulish cheer to those who knock on your door, binge this episode and embrace the king of the vampires.

What episodes do you think are the best Buffy ones to watch on Halloween lovelies? I would love to know! 

Joey X

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