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Hey Lovelies, 

Halloween. The seasonal event filled with spooks and sweets! Most importantly Swizzels sweets this year in our house. After working with the team on the retro post, I got to thinking about what they do year-round to make our lives so much more fun and this included the spookiest time of the year.

Going trick or treating is what many of us look forward to doing. If we aren’t out on the night celebrating, then we are indoors preparing for those little ones who are going to be dressing up and knocking on our doors in search of treats. For years, we have always brought the Swizzels lollypop selection or mixtures, the super-easy way to make sure that everyone has something they like.

Filled with classics such as Drumsticks, which were always the ones I would go for, Fizzers, Parma Violets, Refreshers, Squashies, plus even more, the bags have this year been given a bit of a thrilling makeover. To work alongside their amazing Halloween website, the bags are coated in black and orange, with terrifying delights found inside.

Just for the season, Refreshers have been turned sour. Fruity Pops have been given a creepy new look. Double Lollies have a new set of bewitching figures on their packaging. The normally bright Drumsticks have gone to the dark side with orange and black designs. All of which mixing with the classic looks of the much-loved bags and tubs that the Swizzels team is known for.

Kindly the team at the company sent me a few to try. As someone who has a whole box dedicated to Halloween sweets and decorations, ready for the big night, the additions from Swizzels made my day. In a huge package, I was gifted the new Trick or Sweet bag, the Trick or Treat Lolly Mix, a Sweet Shop Favourites Tub and a selection of a Lots of Lollies, Chew Crew and Bumper Bags.

As a permanent fixture in our house, I was going to get for our trick or treaters, the Lots of Lollies and Bumper bags. However, upon seeing the Trick or Sweet and Trick or Treat mix, I have completely changed my mind. I adore the little details on the sweets and how much they make the selection pop. They still have the great taste, as my family found when trying them, but they look so much fun. Something I want those knocking on my door to have. I am already dreaming about putting them in my Nightmare Before Christmas Oogie Boogie tray for them to pick them out on and how they are going to be enjoyed by all in my house as well.

Swizzels have made sure as well that for those of us who were/are thinking of getting the Sweet Shop tub that there is a lot of choice in them too. Filled right up until the top, which is something that not many tubs do nowadays, there were a few Squashies, normal and sour and Double Dips, with the rest of the tub filled to the top with Love Hearts, Fizzers, lollies, Parma Violets and more.

What I think is really great about the tub is that it not only caters for the trick or treaters but the items in which there are fewer, such as the Squashies and Double Dips, are great to pick out for your own kids or the little ones in your family or that you know to have in their bags first. I mean you always start off the trick or treating at home lovelies, it is a rule aha!

When looking at the packaging and the sweets, what really struck me though was the amount of thought Swizzels have taken to give even more to their buyers. Not only do you get the sweets to enjoy or hand out, but you can take the Swizzels experience further. The team has made a whole website dedicated to helping you make the night the best it can be. From decoration ideas to make up tips and events around the UK, they have sorted it all.

Not many brands do this and that is why it really stood out to me. They had taken the time to show their dedication to the customer and to make their products so well themed. I have no doubt that they will probably be doing the same thing when it comes to Christmas as well. Swizzels have enabled all those that will be experiencing them during October to be given the opportunity to get more from their items and that is something I really enjoy.

Whether you are buying them for yourselves, your little ones, the trick or treaters or for a party, Swizzels are the sweets that are making Halloween special this year. I can’t wait to terrify and delight the little people in my home and those that visit it with the best sweets around.

Joey X

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