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Good Morning Lovelies,

I am very fortunate when it comes to blogging and life to receive such amazing gifts and items from lovely companies. I am honestly always thankful for them and will always cherish those who help the blog in any way with a lot of love.

This morning I was woken up by a delivery man, with a very exciting parcel. A bit of a fruity one if I do say so myself. Fresh from Prestige Hampers, the company had sent me a gorgeous hamper full of oranges, apples and grapes, as well as some extra special fruit inspired treats to enjoy. Perfect for my birthday in every way.

Part of their fresh hampers range, this selection is known as the Farmer’s Fruit Crate and within it, the company has paired a Thatcher’s Apple Cider, with 4 apples, 4 satsumas, 500g grapes, Emily’s Apple Fruit Crisps, Honeyrose Craft Bakery Hazelnut and Aden Plum Toast and two Ford Farm cheeses. All in a lovely wicker tray hamper. Something that I could imagine would make any picnic, summer event or even an anniversary pop if laid out on a table.

When I opened the parcel in which it came in, I already knew in my head who would enjoy what. It is a gift that the whole family can get stuck in with and I know that mine will. In our house, I will be taking the apples, whilst my mum has already got her eyes on the cheeses and my dad has his on the grapes. However, I am going to tease them all with the contents for a little bit first aha!


Fruit is a huge part of our home and we always have a fruit bowl full of fresh produce. I often wish for a local farmers market on the village I live on, because I wish I could get local, homegrown items sometimes.

With this hamper, it really feels like I have this and the fact that it came so quick and early means I don’t have to worry about the food going off before I have had time to review it. Plus, with Prestige Hampers and Flowers, I have always had really good service and the flowers have lasted. Recently I had a bouquet from them that was in our front room for nearly three weeks.

I am definitely treating this hamper as an early birthday gift. I know that might sound a little cheeky, but I have never received something like this, and it is so nice. I love fruit and don’t find it scary to eat, so to be able to enjoy a food gift is a really nice feeling and I feel like the team has taken a lot of care and attention over the hamper. I’m also coming up with lots of ways to reuse the hamper and I think I am now going to store my apples in it in the future or use it to recreate a hamper for someone else.

Prestige Hampers have always been a lovely bunch and I would really suggest having a look on their website lovelies. From fresh items to wine hampers, they have a whole host to choose from for your special someone or if you are like me yourself aha!

Joey X

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