I Discovered Some Delicious Delights With This Amazing Prestige Hamper!


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Good Afternoon Lovelies,

The wonderful team at Prestige Hampers kindly sent me another treat this weekend, making me feel super spoilt on my birthday, the team gave me the Delicious Delights hamper to try. A delight it certainly was, when I opened the box to find the gold and black packaging, housing a whole host of goodies.

Filled with delightful chocolate and orange treats, the hamper, which was once created for Father’s Day, is perfect for all occasions. Whether you are buying a birthday present for the ultimate chocolate lover you know or selecting something for a couple as a gift, there is a big mixture inside the hamper for all to pick from. In fact, I think the whole family, like mine, could get stuck in with it.

Upon opening, I was greeted by three small jars by Wilkin & Sons LTD, which ended up being a chocolate, banoffee and salted caramel trio of spreads. Next to them was some orange and chocolate wafers made by Whitakers Chocolates that came in a super bright box. After my family had stopped oooing at the first picks from the hamper, we dug through the worms and found a selection of delights that we all agreed would be great for a morning treat.

Below the brown paper was Joe & Seph’s lovely Trio of Chocolate Gourmet Popcorn, which came in milk, white and cookies and cream flavour. The Edinburgh Tea & Coffee Company LTD Swiss Chocolate Coffee, which my dad is going to attempt to make and try (wish us luck!), some English Tea Shop Fairtrade & Organic English Breakfast Tea and finally Reids Scottish Shortbread in Chocolate Chunk and Orange flavour.

To me the hamper is a great addition to an after-dinner celebration or as a treat first thing on a special morning. We had the hamper yesterday, as a little birthday feast as a family and everyone had something out of it. My mum and I enjoyed the tea bags and we also loved the little pot additions to our breakfasts. These pots we also thought would be great as something to put out on the table at dessert time, especially if you were having pancakes or something like ice cream.

What I liked most about this hamper was though was the way in which it felt so special upon opening. As someone who struggles with food, it was nice to just get excited by the care and attention that Prestige Hampers had put into the package and I liked getting to see the small jars before the big treats. Plus, as a film lover, it was great to see the Joe & Seph’s Popcorn amongst the gifts. Something you probably wouldn’t expect to find amongst the other treats, but I was very happy to see.

As someone who is continuously finding out more about Prestige Hampers, every gift I have been lucky to receive from them has been fabulous for all of us in our home. We have tried Christmas, fresh and now a celebration based one. Each one leaving us more and more happy with the fast, caring and perfect service from the team. I love using them, find them affordable for what you get and have enjoyed many treats from them other the years.

If you are ever looking for a present lovelies, I would definitely suggest one of these hampers and I mean it. I have had hampers from other places and shop brought ones and these ones have really lasted compared to others. We enjoy them as a whole house and I would tell my close friends and family to buy them from there if they ever wanted a hamper. Something I truly mean.

To find out more about Prestige Hampers and their gift selection lovely, take a look on their website, where they have a whole host of others to choose from. If you do, let me know in the comments below or on the blog’s social pages the ones you have chosen to try, as I would love to know what you think.

Joey X

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