Happy 4th of July! Here Is Everything You Need To Watch Today


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Good Morning Lovelies,

The 4th of July may be the day that America left us Brits, but I am someone who likes to find and celebrate everything! On this blog, there is no space for bad vibes or feelings! To mark the big day, I have gathered some of the best films to stream/watch today to mark the occasion and hopefully have an epic party with.

It is a bit of a random mix of features, but hopefully, that means you lovelies will be able to enjoy something from the list whatever mood or genre you like. I hope you have a lovely day; however, you are celebrating and enjoy one of these films…

Captain America: Any of the Captain America films will make you feel a sense of pride if you are an American. Yet, nothing can beat the epic first outing for the superhero, who we all know and love!

Independence Day: There is no better film to watch on the 4th of July than this one! Get your friends round and enjoy the film named after the very day being celebrated. And of course, the epic Will Smith.

Forrest Gump: Practically every moment of American history is covered in this film. From the Vietnam War to the presidency of JFK, catch a moment in time with this feature starring American legend Tom Hanks.

A League of Their Own: Featuring Tom Hanks again, this film is led by the all-female cast, who is simply wonderful in every way within it. Set during the war, the women in the film feature as an epic baseball team, who will make you want to get up and join a club or have a game on the big day in the sunshine.

Hidden Figures: Every moment of this film will warm your heart. From the incredible fight that the women put on to show their talents to seeing the work they do launch; this film will change your life wherever you are watching and celebrating.

I Know What You Did Last Summer: One for the horror fans out there, this 4th of July epic spookfest will have you grabbing for that pillow to hide behind. A 90s classic that still as much fun to watch now, as it was back then!

What do you like to watch on the 4th of July lovelies? Let me know!

Joey X

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