24 Things You May Not Know About Me


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Good Afternoon Lovelies, 

Turning 24 may be scary for many, but to me, age is just a number. I still often feel like I should be in secondary school aha! Another year has passed, experiences had, and I find myself often looking back at what I have gained from it. However, I haven’t ever really shared much about it.

With the big day approaching, I thought I would let you into 24 facts about me to mark my new age. They are very random, very odd and a whole mixture to be had, but I hope you all enjoy finding out a little something new about me and my strange ways…

1 – I live in Hertford and have done my whole life! It may not be the most amazing place to visit, but it does have a certain charm about it. 

2 – I have four older brothers. Technically they are all half-brothers, but to me, they are all full brothers, unless they annoy me aha! 

3 – I have a phobia of glitter. If you come anywhere near me with the stuff, we will no longer be friends (I don’t mean this, one of my best friends is obsessed with it and I often have to put up with it aha!).

4 – Christmas is my favourite time of the year and my mood instantly changes as soon as November hits. I will celebrate it as early as possible until as late as possible. In fact, I think about it all year round. 

5 – I am a dog person. Me and cats do not get on and I am happy to admit this lovelies. I think it is because we had an evil cat growing up. 

6 – Disney obsessed is just one thing you could call me. Entering my room, you will find it all over the place. From Kylo Ren’s lightsaber to a Groot cardboard cut-out and Mickey ears, it is everywhere. 

7 – I have a soft spot for reality TV shows and can often be found binging on them. This past year, I am proud to admit that I re-watched all of Jersey Shore and the new episodes, as well as all The Great British Bake Off. I blame Amazon Prime and Netflix. 

8 – If I am ill, I must watch horror films or TV shows. Don’t ask me why, but that is just something I find myself doing aha! 

9 - I have a never-ending supply of quirky socks, with Disney, The Big Bang Theory and more on them. I wear them to my eating disorder weigh-ins and look at them to remind me not to be so scared. 

10 – I have a first-class degree in BA (Hons) Journalism, which my mum has placed pride of place on our landing for everyone to see. 

11 – Whilst I am not the best at cooking, I can bake quite well and have taught myself over the years to do weird creations. So far this year, I have been getting more hands-on with loaves of bread and although I’m no Paul Hollywood, I am pretty impressed if I do say so!

12 – I am half Italian on my dad’s side. He is from Sicily and I am very proud to carry on the Italian name and trend. I don’t think I will change my surname when I get married because I love it so much. 

13 – My favourite films are Walk the Line and Edward Scissorhands! I have so many feelings when I watch these films that sometimes I could just burst when watching them. I even went and saw Edward Scissorhands performed by a ballet in London. 

14 – I am a night person and often struggle to function for about an hour or two every morning. Sometimes I worry people think I am being grumpy towards them in the morning, as I like to sit and be quiet and not talk, but I am honestly not doing it on purpose. I work a whole load better in the morning. 

15 – I am a tea fan! I gave up coffee a long time ago and I will forever now be a tea lover for life. 

16 – My least favourite food in the world is fish! You will never get me to eat it. 

17 – Italian food is my favourite and I hope that with my recovery I will be able to enjoy it again soon. 

18 – When I was little, my dream job was to be a check out girl in Tesco supermarket. It has since changed, but I still have this little part of me that thinks it is super cool and we will always need a check out person. 

19 – I have a crush on Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid and am not afraid to admit it. Don’t judge me! 

20 – During my last year of primary school, I was in the end of year play and got praised for my singing in the local paper. I don’t think I would be now though. 

21 – Disneyland Paris is the best holiday I have ever been on and I try to go every year if I can. Hopefully, I will be going for Halloween this year!

22 – When I was little, my parents owned a caravan in Clacton and I met my oldest and best friend Dee there, as she lived next door.

23 – I love being in water! Any swimming pool, bath, shower, water park, if you were to take me, I would throw myself completely into it. In fact, just writing this has made me want to go to a water park now. 

24 – Finally, Ryan Gosling is my ultimate god and if you know him and would like to introduce us, then please do! Oh, and I would also love to have Melissa McCarthy as my best friend too please!

Let me know some of the interesting things people might not know about you or your blog below or on social lovelies.

Joey X 

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