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Hey Lovelies, 

The end of another week has arrived, and Sunday is bringing with it the usual classic British roasts, hangovers and brunches. Sunday’s in our house are all about relaxing. Or shall I say lounging about the house and getting stuff done before Monday arrives. This week I have some big plans, including important calls and meetings, but I am also making time to prepare for Easter.

I honestly can’t believe that we are already nearly half way through April and this made me remember that I forgot to do my March favourites. The end of the month and the start of this one has been a bit of an emotional one, but I still had a blast and wanted to share with you what made March special to me:

Favourite Film: Us – This was a film that took a long time to get here. But oh, was it so worth the wait. Jordan Peele is a master at horror and this feature will truly make you think about the person you think you are and the battles we fight with ourselves. Though hopefully not the extremes in which this film's story takes. 

Favourite Show: Fleabag – Everyone has been talking about the second season. To me, it was so much better than the first one and not just because of Andrew Scott’s good-looking priest character. Phoebe Waller-Bridge sure knows how to hook us in, and her heart-breaking final scenes will stay with me forever.

Favourite Clothing Item: At the end of the month, I headed onto H&M online (I weirdly prefer it to the shop) and picked up a few pieces. My favourite(s) being some amazing slogan tops featuring NASA and the always incredible Wonder Woman. I currently have my eye on a Romeo and Juliet one too, so watch this space aha!

Favourite Homeware: Friends and Primark Pieces – When Primark first announced a range of Friends items, my mum scooped up a few pieces whilst away as a coming home gift. The launch of the second collection sent her into a madness that I will forever be thankful for. Now plastered all over me and my room is the new cushion, duvet, PJs, lounge jumper, mug and a random pencil. It may seem a lot, but I am there for it.

Favourite Food: Due to my eating disorder, I find it quite hard to try new foods or to bring them in in some way to my diet. Through all this, though I still love to bake and because of Mother’s Day, I made my mum a super easy coffee and walnut cake from Waitrose online

Favourite Memory: Seeing family members – Speaking of Mother’s Day, March brought with it a renewal of sorts. We spent a lot of time together as a family and I got to see my gorgeous nephew Leo for a few days too. Cheeky, fun and full of love for Disney and Pixar (especially Cars), it was great to spend some time with him, as he lives so far away. 

What were some of your favourite things about March lovelies? Let me know! 

Joey x

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