A Love Letter To MTV's Jersey Shore


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Good Afternoon Lovelies,

Sometimes all I want to do is watch trash TV. I mean the kind of stuff that requires not a lot of attention, but a whole host of my life is dedicated to it. Love Island, I’m A Celeb, Keeping Up with The Kardashians. You name it I have probably watched it. And I will keep watching them until they or I am stopped.

For a long time not much caught my eye on Amazon Prime Video UK, to be honest. Until a recent scroll found me falling into reality TV heaven. Years ago, I would often be found on my sofa binging on My Super Sweet 16, Cribs and my all-time favourite Jersey Shore. Seeing Snooki, JWoww (my favourite), Pauly D, Vinny, Deena, Ronnie, Sammi and Mike running around Seaside would make my summers even better.

When I found Prime Video had them all on there, I dived right into the old episodes like Snooki diving into the bush in series three. I have no regrets about this. In fact, I have found that the show was something we should all celebrate more. The clothes (remember Bebe?!?) were the 00s personified. The drinking and the fights made whatever was happening in the real world not so bad. The trips to Miami and Italy were just fab.

But what really got me with the show and still does is the way they celebrated being both Italian and American. As an Italian and British person, it was the first time, as a 13-year-old that I found myself truly wanting to get in touch with my Italian roots. Sad, I know, but an important fact. Getting to see the cast in Sicily, where my dad is from brought a sense of pride. Seeing the emotional, over the top Italian families made me love mine just a little bit more and witnessing them take to the sights of Italy brought all around joy.

Sometimes reality TV touches on things that we don’t think about. Whilst I won’t be wearing the outfits, GTLing (Gym, Tan, Laundry) any time soon or being in a relationship like Sam and Ronnie, I will forever be in love with the Shore gang. With no regrets. MTV may not make the shows like they used to, but you will be able to find my binging on Jersey Shore Family Reunion if you ever see me, because it's always T-SHIRT TIME!!!

Joey X

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