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Good Afternoon Lovelies, 

Is it just me or does this year feel like it is going super quick? I am all for it at the moment, as I dream of sunny days, Love Island and strawberry fields. However, it does need to slow down a little bit. I mean where did February go? In the blink of an eye, it was all over.

Because of the bolt of lightning that it was, February didn’t allow me a lot of chances to get out and about. Yet, I did discover a few new additions and found a renewed love in the favourites featured below. Plus, it was the month of the Oscars aha!

Discover what I loved in February 2019 below:

Film of the Month: Isn’t It Romantic on Netflix won over my heart during the month of love. If you haven’t watched it yet, you really have to lovelies. I now can’t look at a romantic film the same way and it ends in a way that you will not be expecting. But in a good way! Rebel Wilson and Liam Hemsworth are also ace in it.

TV Show of the Month: The Great British Bake Off provided me with a lot of inspiration to get back in the kitchen in February. Having fallen into the show a few seasons in, I am using Netflix to go all the way back to the start. Binging on TV like this is very dangerous I must say.

Book of the Month: Anyone who follows Celeste Barber needs to buy her book, Challenge Accepted!: 253 Steps to Becoming an Anti-It Girl. I love the way Barber doesn’t care and her fun way of exploring life online and this book is an equal joy. I haven’t finished it, because honestly, I don’t want to. I need a prequel and a sequel to it ASAP.

Beauty Buy of the Month: I don’t like Primark all that much, not in a snobby way, but I feel like it has gone up a little in price and not in quality. However, I was left very impressed with their perfume range in store. For £3.50 I picked up their version of a Jo Malone fragrance in blackberry and fig. It lasts all day and is sweet but not too overpowering. At such an affordable price, I will be buying it again.

Learning how to make tortillas was a huge hit in February!

Fashion of the Month:
M&M Direct is one of those websites that I always mean to shop on more, but never do. I think my mind gets sucked into other shops and I forget about it. Again, I need to stop doing this because I picked up a whole bunch of bargains on the website. My favourite piece, however, was the £16 Stan Smith trainers I managed to buy. £16! £16! SIXTEEN POUNDS! My summer feet are going to look super glam I am telling you.

Life Experience of the Month: Due to my eating disorder, it is very hard for me to be around certain foods and so I lost my love of baking. I don’t know if it was all the GBBO I have been watching or just a need to get back in the kitchen, but throughout February I have been baking for my family. I have learnt how to do new things, such as different breads. I made the classic pancakes I am famed for. Biscuits, coconut maroons and even Welsh cakes on St David’s Day. It feels so nice to be back doing something I love, and I can’t wait until I get to the day where I can enjoy eating them too. The fight is on!

What did you all fall in love with in February lovelies? Let me know in the comments below! 

Joey X

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