Happy Galentine's Day: My Fondest Film Memories With My Gals


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Good Afternoon Lovelies, 

Over the years, my friendship groups have been big and small. Varied in many ways and with lots of different outcomes. Some I speak to only a few times a year, but they simply fall back into place as if we have never been apart (Dee, Georgi, Sarah and Kimberley I am talking about you). Others I see often and spend my time doing mad out there things with (Tessa, Issy, Amy and my gorgeous Mum).

For me, my gals just get me. They know I am strange. They know I love Disney. They know that I know too much about films and have an imaginative love affair with Ryan Gosling. They simply just know. They also know what I am like when I go to the cinema and how I hold those memories very close to me. Even if the film is awful (let’s not talk about The Mummy remake shall we Tess).

When I buy films, I often have a memory surrounding them. I can recall moments that make that film special. And these are just some of them that I have with some of these special ladies:

Tessa: From our yearly cinema trips to see the Fifty Shades trilogy to laughing at the back of the cinema when we were at school at the Twilight saga. We have watched many classics together that will stick with me. I remember during our GCSEs getting caught watching Tangled at 2am in the morning when we were meant to be asleep as we had exams on Monday morning. I have special memories of getting up from a heavy sleepover at yours and heading to the cinema to see Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. I also remember showing you Pride, Dallas Buyers Club and Cinderella. The mix of films that I have memories of you with are endless and I can’t wait to watch more with you.

Issy: My cinema buddy! My Ryan Gosling love rival! Whenever we meet there is always a film, TV show or Netflix smash that we must talk about. We read The Hunger Games together to prepare for the film. We have enjoyed endless Disney viewings, including my first time at seeing Beauty and the Beast (90s version) in the cinema in 3D with annoying kids. You’ve been there for me when I need to tell you about how hot Ryan Gosling is in Crazy Stupid Love. The list is ever growing between the pair of us and I know that no matter how old we get – even when we are racing each other in nursing homes – we will still be fighting it out for Gosling in The Notebook.

Amy: This gal is my fellow Marvel lover. Give her Chris Hemsworth as Thor and place us both in the cinema and we are two peas in a very happy pod. Car journeys spent singing along to soundtracks. A mutual appreciation of Lin-Manuel Miranda. A near fallout over A Wolf of Wall Street. Time spent waking me up when I fell asleep during The Hobbit, leading me to pass on the ticket to her to review the sequel. Outlander conversations had too late at night. Poldark discussions that have also nearly led to a battle on our morning commutes. As Avengers reaches its end, I know for a fact that we will continue to share our Marvel love for years to come.

Mum: This lady is my best friend. She showed me Pretty Woman, Dirty Dancing, Saturday Night Fever, Little Voice, An Officer and a Gentleman and Bridget Jones Diary, all at an age I was probably too young for but appreciated. She is the reason I have a Colin Firth crush, though not as big as hers. She spends her days putting up with me showing her film clips. She goes to Disney and spends time finding me things to spur on my love affair of it. In fact, many of the film items in my room are all because of her. She allowed me to change a whole cupboard in my room into a film one. I adore spending Saturday nights with you at home or in the cinema watching a new film, even if you do fall asleep!

Dee: My Titanic obsession comes from you. Whether it be the French and Saunders feature or the original Leonardo DiCaprio classic it is all your fault. I remember us going to the cinema at Butlins to see Inception and you only went because of him. I even went on that horrific ride that turned us upside down to get you to watch Eclipse. You made me into a horror fan when we were young with our endless streaming of What Lies Beneath, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and whatever thrillers you wanted to show me. When we got older, we headed to see Magic Mike, Titanic 3D and came back from a Beyonce concert to find ourselves watching Basic Instinct on TV, because we needed to know the ending. Whilst we may not live close to each other, I am certain that these are not the last features we will find ourselves laughing over hot chocolate about.

Sarah: If you ever want to find a woman more passionate about films than me, Sarah is your lady. She knows everything about every feature. She is the woman making the amazing marketing campaigns for Picturehouse Central. Since meeting her at a press screening years ago, we have bonded over the mad, bad and Hunger Games. I have so many memories in fact of times we should have been professional, but we really weren’t. Talking during Batman V Superman. Spilling cheesy nachos during an early screening of Mockingjay Part 1. Stealing a whole pizza to eat whilst watching Non-Stop. The leg accident! If I ever need to know anything about the film industry, I know that I can always turn to you for help and guidance.

Finally, I wanted to say thank you to all the lovely gals out there celebrating Galentine’s Day. You are one of the reasons I blog. You are why I am proud to be a female film lover and I hope that you all are celebrating today with your girlfriends too. After all, it is what Leslie Knope's would want you to do! 

Joey X 

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