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Good Morning Lovelies, 

February means that there is a load of new Arrow Films reaching our shelves and I am here to celebrate the cult classics that are making waves on our screen’s. From modern stories to festival features, there is a lot to choose from in February.

Climax Review (Out on DVD and digitally from the 11th Feb): Directed by Gaspar Noe, Climax marks a return for the man behind the lens, after a number of controversial features. Following a dance troupe, Noe captures them celebrating the success of a very well done rehearsal. However, things take a turn, when it turns out that the drinks they have been enjoying are spiked leading to violence and pain for many.

The film is a dark story, which continues to highlight the violence reflected in the other features. Released around the same time as Suspiria, this dance madhouse brings a haunting score, superb acting and a climatic story to new heights. All of which leads to Noe’s career taking a new turn. A better one in fact. I am giving the film…

4 Stars

Before We Vanish (Out on DVD and digitally on Amazon Prime Video UK from the 11th Feb): If you are worried about aliens or robots coming to Earth and taking over, then this is not one for you. Following Narumi, a young woman who faces her husband being taken over by one of three aliens, who land on our planet, the film captures what they see as they prepare to invade it. On a mission to stop that from happening Narumi fights to save the day and the people she loves from the evil forces.

Both comedic and horrifying, the plot of this film is an intriguing one that will keep you watching all the way until the end. Much like Body Snatchers, this feature will have you laughing one minute and then building a place to hide the next. A mixture of pure delight and fear in lots of ways. The aliens will be snatching this…

4 Stars

Outlaws (Out on DVD and digitally from the 18th Feb): If you were like me and loved Sons of Anarchy, then this will be right up your street. However, I am afraid it is nowhere near as good as the Jax Teller epic that used to grace our screens. The film fails to make a gritty name for itself and each character comes off as one that you would never want to see on screen again. The story ebbs and flows with violence and bikes but never fully manages to come into the shore. Above all the noise and the fighting, the film doesn’t hit the mark that it should ever. Watch with caution!

1 Star

Boar Review (Out on DVD and digitally from the 25th Feb): Often when you think of horror films, you think of someone dressed up doing something horrifically evil. In Boar, that evil is, in fact, a giant pig. Different I know! Based in the Australian outback, the film follows the beast, as he kills innocent victims who cross his path, having been created by a drunken hunter.

Played out like a mixture of both a horror and a beast like creature from a fairy tale, the film see-saws between originality and unbelievable effects. Having been created by some of the biggest horror film figures, the film floats too far over the unrealistic line and there so, I am giving it…

2 Stars

Joey X 

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