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Good Morning Lovelies, 

A new year means new ideas or themes on the blog! Amongst them is a slightly different approach to some of the Monday reviews I do. The amazing team at Arrow Films have always supported me and allowed me to review some true classics and whilst I normally do each review separately, I have decided to turn things around a bit.

Each month, they share with me their latest releases for that time and so I thought that it would be a better idea to keep all the reviews together from Arrow Films. That way you can discover their newest releases easier in the shops or online to enjoy yourself. Starting today…

BACKTRACE – Out on DVD from the 14th January 
With Sylvester Stallone and Ryan Guzman leading the way in this action-packed film, this crime thriller should reach furious heights. Yet, the plot fails to entrap viewers, as Stallone’s local detective tries to prevent a prison break out from happening, all in the world of a drug takedown. Everything is played out so fast that the script lacks much of a story and the characters are forgotten by the time the credits roll. There so I am giving it…

2 Stars

Josie – Out on DVD, VOD and EST from the 14th January
GOT’s Sophie Turner joins with Dylan McDermott to tell the story of high school student Josie, who leaves home to live in the rundown Pink Motel, where she meets Hank (McDermott). Together the pair builds a strong friendship, but Hank’s troubled past means that things soon take a dark turn. The film constantly tries to take on the form of a modern-day film noir, yet the story fails to go beyond what is played out and no surprises or stones are left unturned. Easy to guess what is going to happen next plot holes, created moments of drifting when watching, as the film run time drags on. When a twist is delivered it comes to late to save the feature. Earning the film…

2 Stars

Born Yesterday – Out on Blu-Ray from the 21st January
You know the phrase don’t look back? Well, sometimes you just must because that is where the beauty of the film world often is. Adapted from the Garson Kanin Broadway hit, Born Yesterday, still manages to wrap audiences up in a warm hug when watching, as Judy Holliday’s Billie Dawn learns about the world of different classes and intelligence through Paul Verrell. All in the hopes to not show up tycoon Harry Brock. The film is outdated on its subject matter and would not be made today, but it does still manage to entertain without being offensive. All of which due to the fantastic performances within it. Especially that of Holliday, whose charm and talent make her shine on screen. It may have been Born Yesterday but today it is getting…

4 Stars

Waterworld – Out on Blu-Ray from the 21st January
If you looked at the case in which Waterworld comes in, you wouldn’t be wrong in thinking that it looks a little bit of a mess. However, in January 2019, the film is still proving people wrong. Kevin Costner’s Mariner drifts around the dystopian underwater world the Earth has become. Getting wrapped up in crime and dismay, the Mariner discovers that the only way to save himself is to help a woman and little girl to find the magical place known as ‘dryland’. Known for being the most expensive film ever made the year it came out, there is no denying the impressive look of the film is what draws audiences to it. Still, to this day, Costner and co’s adventures are enjoyable to see and this cult hit sure to continue to be so for a long time. It is there so time to let this rating sink in…

3 Stars

Speed Kills – Out on DVD and Digital HD from the 21st January
After returning to our screens in unrecognisable fashion in The People Vs OJ, John Travolta has been showcasing a new side to his career. However, he may want to hide this feature, as Speed Kills fails to bring any life with it. Based on a true story, the film follows Travolta’s speedboat racing champion, who is found to be a drug trafficker on the side, as he fights to escape the DEA and the Mob. What looks to be a high-speed chase becomes a bit of a duck race, as the features fast edits, voiceover and script provide nothing of a story for audiences. The whole feature is a blend of confusion and even when it reaches the end you are not quite sure what you have seen. There so, I am giving it…

1.5 Stars

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