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Good Afternoon Lovelies, 

As we prepare to enter a new year, I have been thinking about the films that have made my 2018. This year definitely ruled when it came to features making an impact and whilst I tried to keep up with as many as possible, it seemed there were a few that were essential.

Here are my top films of 2018, in no particular order, that changed everything about the year for me and why…

Bohemian Rhapsody: Lots of people were unsure about this film, but I adored it. Mostly due to the incredible performance by Rami Malek, which still leaves me with goosebumps. Malek became Freddie in a way no one was expecting and the last few moments of the film capture the time and effort he put in on making sure he was portrayed right.

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Black Panther: Let’s start this off right…WAKANDA FOREVER! When the credits rolled at the end of the film, I knew that the Marvel world would be changed forever. My world would be changed forever. Cinema would be changed forever. There were people talking about Black Panther to each other, who had never met before. There were salutes and conversations happening that wouldn’t have been without it. To me, what made this film so special, wasn’t just the amazing story and special features, but the way it left a mark on people. It is a film that is long overdue and one that we will never forget.

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Avengers: Infinity War: Following on from Black Panther, I must sit down and take a breath when I think of this film. From the opening moments with Loki to the ending dust turmoil, my heart and head can’t quite believe how perfect this Marvel outing was. Black Panther gave us originality and newness, Infinity War took us to the heart.

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A Quiet Place: Horror films are my favourite. I love the thrill, the scares and the ultimate gut feeling you get when watching them. This feature stayed with me long after viewing and I still praise it all the time if someone mentions it. To me, it was like a feature-length version of Stranger Things and with no series of that this year it slotted in nicely.

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Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again: Since the first film came out, I have had to watch it many times. My dad is certified obsessed with it and will watch it no matter where he is or what time it is if it is on. This year’s sequel marked a first for me, as it was the first time in which both my parents had taken me to the cinema. Sometimes it really isn’t just about the film that makes a film but the whole experience and seeing my parents dancing and singing along made this one of my top films of 2018.

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Halloween: Years ago, I saw Halloween for the first time whilst ill and I loved it. Back this year for another outing, I feared that the classic horror would be tarnished. Yet, with Jamie Lee Curtis back to save the day, I loved the whole girl power vibe that this year’s sequel gave us. There is only ever going to be one horror film queen and that is Lee Curtis!

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Crazy Rich Asians: Falling into this a lot later than everyone else, I prayed that it lived up to the hype in which so many had promised me. Based on the best-selling books, this feature is a pure and beautiful mix of originality, fun and romance, all wrapped up into one perfect piece.

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Dumplin’: Netflix gave us this film early on in December and my heart still can’t handle it weeks later. I needed this film years ago and I need it now, as I go through something very personal on a journey to love my body. Willowdean Dickson is a new icon in my life! Plus, with an amazing Dolly Parton soundtrack and a career-changing performance from Jennifer Aniston, there isn’t much about it that you won’t love.

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First Man: Going into this film I wondered what it was going to show us that we didn’t already know. When I left the cinema, I was a changed person. I couldn’t get my heart to handle the devastation that occurred within one of the rockets before the infamous flight. Or the turmoil that Armstrong took with him on the mission. Foy and Gosling are the perfect powerhouses in this film.

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Incredibles 2: I have waited a long time for this film and it was everything I wanted and more. To me, Edna Mode is an icon and to have her back is something I will be thankful for for the rest of my life. She has always made sure to keep us safe. Especially from capes!

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Look out for my top TV shows of 2018 coming soon lovelies. Plus, what was your favourite film of 2018? Let me know in the comments below or on my social channels. 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X 

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