Spice & All Things N'ice Have Arrived At Ben & Jerry's With This Ultimate Festive Treat!


Good Afternoon Lovelies, 

If you know me, then you know I like all things nice like sugar and spice! Give me a gingerbread candle and I am your lady! In fact, before I had my eating disorder, if you gave me a gingerbread man (a soft one) then he would be gone in 60 seconds flat.

There is something about the smell and taste of it that reminds me of my favourite time of the year – Christmas! And so, when a new product comes out surrounding it, I can’t help myself. And neither can my mum, who is also obsessed with it. Even more than me in fact.

After hearing about the latest Ben & Jerry’s flavor to reach our freezers, I reached out to the team to ask if it would be possible to sample it and kindly they sent me a few vouchers to get some treats. All leading to a big dash to Tesco’s because my mum couldn’t hold back.

As the ultimate taste tester, I helped to set up the tub for her to take a secret scoop full. All she knew was that it had gingerbread in it and nothing more. Yet, what she got was a whole host of tasty flavours from the sounds she made whilst eating it.

Called Spice & All Things N'ice, the tub is made up of festive flavours including a creamy caramel ice cream with gingerbread cookie pieces and chocolatey chunks to help make this winter and Christmas season the best ice cream season ever. As soon as you open the pot, you are greeted with huge Gingerbread pieces that really smell amazing.

When my mum got her eyes on them, she couldn’t wait to delve in and took a big spoonful with lots of chunks within it. The tub quickly was claimed by her and she is now not sharing it with anyone lovelies aha! Last night even, she refused to get it out the freezer in case my brother tried to steal a bit. And she is already making plans on how she can bring it to the table on the big day. Apparently, it would be perfect with some profiteroles or as a sweet treat at the end of all the madness.

For me, this tub seems like the best treat to sit down with and enjoy whilst watching a festive film. Gingerbread has a quality to it that makes it feel really warming. Like a blanket wrapped around you and this ice cream does that just as well. Spice, icey and full of the best flavours, it is the gift that really keeps on giving.

The chunks are massive, the scent really flows and according to my mum it tastes like a real gingerbread biscuit. What more could you want lovelies? Ben & Jerry’s always know how to make a flavor pop and this time they have made sure it pops its way to the top with all the qualities within it making it a delightful festive treat. One that my mum is hoping they keep for all year round.

Spice & All Things N'ice is in shops now lovelies or you can find out more about it on the Ben & Jerry’s website. With the cold weather outside and the snuggly indoors feel, now is the perfect time to pick up a tub, get cosy and dig in with our two favourite guys! Plus lovelies, Ben & Jerry’s are using part of the proceeds from the sale of each pint to set up a cooperative fund to help entrepreneurs who arrived in the UK as refugees to break into the business world.

To find out more about it, you can head on over to the Ben & Jerry’s website lovelies or head to your local supermarket now to pick up a tub!

If you have tried it lovelies, let me know what you thought about it in the comments below! 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X 

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