Markus Imhoof Speaks To The Blog At The London Film Festival About His New Documentary Eldorado


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Sadly, the LFF is over for another year! However, it isn’t over on the blog lovelies, as I have a number of interviews to share with you all from the celebrations. Starting with this very exciting discussion with director Markus Imhoof, the man behind the hit documentary Eldorado.

Credit: Eldorado and Markus Imhoof

Talking all things to do with the film, what inspired him and what it was like heading to LFF, we delve into the world of Eldorado in a whole new way.

Firstly, congratulations on being chosen for the London Film Festival! How does it feel to appear at the event?
I travel too much, but to be selected for London is a great honour and pleasure and I would never miss it.

For those who don’t know what the film is about, please could you tell us?
I tell a personal story to show a global phenomenon - the struggle of thousands of refugees fleeing from Africa to Europe and what happens when they reach the border of their “Eldorado”. My questions about humanity and social responsibility in today’s world lead me back to my childhood and my love for the Italian refugee girl Giovanna, whom my parents adopted during World War II.

What was it about Eldorado that made you want to make this film?
My first love Giovanna – and the anger about how the actual Giovanna’s and John’s are treated.

The film is a fantastic look at the refugee crisis and the impact it is making on the world. How did you find the people that feature in the documentary?
There was not a script we transformed in a film. It was rather like Jazz, you follow the intuition while listening and looking what is happening – and reacting with heart and brain.

Is there a scene that is special to you or that you want audiences to look out for? If so, why this one?
There is an Eritrean girl at the Swiss border. She and her family are pulled out of he train and checked – but she already can feel, it will end badly. In a sudden anger she throws the chocolate bar and the water bottle, which was given to her hypocritically by the police, away. But a film always interweaves different colours, emotions and thoughts, so you can’t just prefer one of its parts.

What have you heard from audiences who have seen the film at the festival or previous showings?
The audience at the screening yesterday was very touched and moved and had been very attentive at the Q&A. A lot of people came at the end to me to thank for the film. This gives me strength and hope that there are more people defending a global view of humanity: ”We need a revolution of compassion”, said the refugee Dalai Lama.

Which films are you hoping to see at the festival? And what is it about these that have caught your eye?
Roma! I met Alfonso Cuarón on a panel at Telluride Festival, but I had missed his film. I am very interested to see his childhood memory: how the present is written in the past in his film. But sadly I came one day too late to London. I hope to see it in LA next month. And I bet, Alfonso will be on stage at the Oscar night – one or two times!

Finally, could you tell us about what you are working on next?
I would love to go for a walk with my dog, read the pile of books waiting for me and to have time to go more to cinema. And after that I will see about my secret plans, which I will tell you next time, we meet…

To find out more about Eldorado lovelies, please visit the film’s Facebook page, where you will find all the latest updates. 

Look out for more LFF news and interviews soon! 

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