Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan Series One Review


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For the few months, Amazon Prime Video has been teasing us with footage and images from their new series Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan. Starring the legend that is John Krasinski as leading man, Jack Ryan, the eight-part series promised viewers that it would be delivering gripping content with all the thrills and technology. And deliver it did!

Made up of eight parts, the show opens with a twist that will make sure you carry on watching. As Jack Ryan tries to show his new boss that he can be trusted as the CIA’s analyst, two brothers are terrorising the world as they seek to get revenge for the bombing that occurred when they were children. When Ryan comes face to face with one, he makes it his mission to take him down, leading to high action sequences set in Paris, a race against time to save one of the bombers wives and children, as well as a few dates with a doctor too.

Based on the best-selling book, this series seems short but only because of the great content it delivers. There is no waiting for the show to get good or to start us off. In the first 10 minutes, viewers are thrown into a disaster zone that highlights that this isn’t going to be an easy ride.

The entire series has a feel to it that reminded me of the first season of Homeland. Things were happening but you weren’t sure what. People were hiding elements of themselves and you as a viewer were going to solve them. Characters who really did get under your skin. And when the show could have taken a nosedive into the usual fanfare, it didn’t. It made sure that by sticking to the themes of the books - though not always - the audience got to the bottom of it all. No cliff-hangers needed.

Thank you Amazon Prime Video UK for my goodies! 

Krasinski follows on from his successful, A Quiet Place, to continue on a very large climb to the top. Whilst other actors would try to go overboard with the role, the low-key atmosphere that he sets makes Ryan an appealing and mysterious figure. Something that seems to come with the knowledge that this isn’t a role that many would expect Krasinski to star in. However, he has built a new TV icon to settle in with and enjoy as he takes on the world of those most dangerous to us.

There are a few faults with the show, however. As we enter a new time, some script pieces really should not be included. The use of the word “Tranny” is offensive and the fact that it is even uttered in the show is a mistake on all. Also with this being his fifth outing on screen, some things are left to the audience to guess what has happened. For example, when the drone driver visits the home of the family in which the son he killed lives. Yet, they never go on to explain anything further. A similar thing happens with the romance in the show too. However, the show is very much enjoyable.

The series doesn’t flow with the real world. It sticks very much within the realm of the show and the books that created it. Something which in many ways sets it apart from what we would be expecting. Something that makes it worthwhile watching. Something that will bring new audiences to the stories.

If like me you haven’t seen a previous Jack Ryan, then this will be the hero that starts it all. If you have seen the others, it will be just as enjoyable, as Amazon has made a real success story here. There so, I am giving Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan…

4 Stars

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