Recreate Some Of The Best Film and TV Earring Looks With Amazon Handmade 's Artisan Lual Earrings!


Good Afternoon Lovelies, 

Jewellery is a huge part of TV and Film fashion! And it is very much a part of all of our day to day lives. Whether it be a watch, necklace or ring, everyone has a piece that the just love to wear.

For me, it is my earrings! I had my second holes pierced last year and my first when I was five and I honestly feel naked without them in. I actually find it a bit weird to look at my face aha! Recently I have been looking for some new designs, as I am getting a bit bored of my plain studs, which led me to looking at what my favourite film and TV characters were wearing.

Luckily when it came to trying to find them, Amazon came to my rescue with some handmade beauties by Lual Earrings that are simply stunning and match these top big and small screen looks…

Blair Waldorf, Gossip Girl: Bringing to life a white marble affect drop earring, Blair’s earrings are a stand out pair that Lual has matched with a simple but stunning tasselled styled look. Amazon Handmade Golden Triple Treat Tassel Earrings by Lual Earrings, £18.

Samantha Jones, Sex and the City: Never one to hide away, Samantha’s huge earrings highlight how good a blue earring can look. Lual has made a white and blue tasselled look that Samantha would be proud of. Amazon Handmade Teal Rose Rush Tassel Earrings by Lual Earrings, £18.

Marie Antoinette, Marie Antoinette: Whilst she may have been a controversial figure, in this cult classic she was a style hero. With the best jewels in town, the look can easil be recreated with these pink teardrops that Marie would adore. Amazon Handmade Rose Quartz Teardrop Studs by Lual Earrings, £14.


Lorelei Lee, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes: Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend according to Marilyn’s character, but anyone can recreate this famous scene with a little change of lyrics and these gorgeous earrings inspired by the film. Amazon Handmade Rainbow Statement Dangles by Lual Earrings, £32.


Daisy Buchanan, The Great Gatsby: Draped in the perfect jewel’s, Daisy knows how to inspire us all with her gorgeous look, which has led me to want to buy these beauties and pretend I am dating Leonardo DiCaprio aha! Amazon Handmade Cosmopolitan Dangle Earrings by Lual Earrings, £22.


To find out more about the Lual Earrings selection lovelies, head over to their Amazon Handmade page to see some of their amazing designs. Who else is going shopping right now aha?!? 

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