Knightfall Season One DVD Review


Good Morning Lovelies,

Ever since the birth of Outlander, Vikings and even The Tudors, there has been a need for classical TV series. We want to see characters we know and love and new ones be brought to life in such a way that it is a history lesson, but a fun one.

However, the History Channel and Lionsgate’s new series Knightfall fails to bring the truth and trailblazing fun to life. Telling the story of the downfall of the Knights Templar, the show focuses around the world in which King Philip IV of France built and destroyed and the warrior who is trying to save it from the ultimate demise.

Created by Don Handfield and Richard Rayner, the show surprisingly calls on every trope that they believe will work with audiences of all ages. A good-looking lead, an action storyline and a world full of action that should hook audiences in from the start. Although all three fails to bring much to the starting line that others haven’t.

Automatically throwing audiences into a world of blood, guts and fighting, the show has everything it should do for a story of this classic knights. Yet, the show falls into the background of a world in which many of us already know. The story is sloppy. The characters never really give you a chance to connect with them and the episodes don’t have a flow that a TV show of this scale should.

None of this, however, reflects onto the performances, which are all good, especially that of leading man, Tom Cullen, who plays Sir Landry du Lauzon, in a booming way that will strike the audience in all ways. It really comes down to the failsafe way in which the storylines and scripts have been adapted. Sometimes a little bit of fakery is needed to make a difference.

There so, with all this in mind, I am giving the first season of Knightfall…

3 Stars

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Joey X  

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