Brew Your Own Beer In Time For Your Next Film Night With These Great Home Brewtique Brewing Kits!


Good Afternoon Lovelies,

In our house when the festive season arrives, the drinks are served! Wines, ciders and beers, plus those festive classics are all brought out to help the celebrations! Yet, something that hasn’t ever been brought into our home before was home brewed beers until now!

Fresh from their latest selection, Home Brewtique, a company that specialises in home brewing kits, kindly sent me two of their latest bottles to trial and it caused a lot of excitement in our house. Larger than your average sized bottle, the beer came in two kinds and really did pop when opened.

As the resident beer drinker in our house, I offered my dad some with a bit of lemonade in, as the drinks are strong at 6% for beer and he wasn’t pleasantly surprised. For him, the man I would gift them to at Christmas or a festive occasion, they tasted like a lot of time had gone into making them.

Something that we can all appreciate lovelies. Especially during the cold winter months when we will probably all enjoy them next to a warm fire or cosy blanket tucked up inside. The quality that I really liked about these though lovelies were that someone had taken the time to brew these.

Handmade and all, the brewing kits the team use and produce for us all to use too are making an amazing product that can be made into a gift. One that can inspire anyone to enjoy the fruits of their labour well.

I will be sharing more about the kits near to Christmas lovelies. But if you have a present or just want to treat yourself or someone before then, then please check out their website. There are loads of options available lovelies and the team are brilliant, who I can't thank them enough!

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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