The Amazon Christmas Wishlist 2018 Event Brought Christmas To July!


Good Afternoon Lovelies,

Days before I went away last week, I was kindly invited to my first Christmas in July event thanks to Amazon. Known as the Amazon Christmas Wish List, the company hosted a fun-filled day with more items than I could have imagined. Leaving me with a very long Christmas list.

Upon entering the building, I was greeted by signs for Amazon’s Locker system, their now past Prime Day and Amazon Smile - something I will get onto later - before being welcomed in by the lovely staff members on hand. When I entered the main hall, I didn’t know where to start.

Sectioned off in topics, I began my Amazon Christmas journey in the tech section. If you know me by now then you know I am a complete gadgets girl. Faced with state of the art musical equipment to projectors, there was so much that caught my eye in that moment. However, there was four really stand out items for me.

The first was a KiiPix photo printer, which literally takes the image off your phone and turns it into a handheld image in seconds. Small and compact, the machine needs no electricity and creates the sweetest little designs that you can decorate your home with. Perfect for Christmas Day to hand to those as they are going out the door. The second thing I fell in love with was the Oculus GO VR Headset.

At home, I have a very basic VR headset, which I very rarely use. Yet, when I was asked if I wanted to try this one, which comes with a remote to help you interact with the videos set up on it, I was pretty pumped to try it out. Choosing from a selection of videos to try out, I decided on the Disney Coco one, which took you through the world of the film and got you joining in with the music on screen. From the moment, it started I could tell the difference between my basic VR device and this one.

Clearer and a lot stronger than my own, there was a moment where I actually felt like I was back on a ride at Disneyland. And as you can imagine I got a little bit too excited about this fact! The final tech products that I fell for was a set of wireless headphones by Jabra, which I will be reviewing for you all very soon and the Nintendo Switch. Something I may just have to buy.

Moving on, I was faced with the Amazon Smart Home. Full of devices that make your home come to life, I was given a tour around each room to show how the smart Amazon Echo and partner products can make your life easier.

In the kitchen was a kettle that Alexa could turn on, followed by rooms filled with tablets galore and a flashing Christmas tree with the lights controlled by Alexa too. However, for me, the most impressive element was the living room film night routine, which connected the Echo, Fire Stick and smart lighting for the ultimate night in experience.

Heading off to see what else would be big this Christmas, I wandered into the Amazon Grocery section. Filled with goodies that could make the ultimate hampers or festive feasts, the team had brought together some of the biggest names to make Christmas come early.

Hotel Chocolat, Whole Foods, Betty Crocker and endless alcohol and food goodies were on display and I could have died happy in that small section. Honestly, the number of food ideas I now have for Christmas are endless, with that giant Toblerone bar being one of them.

As are the homemade items! If ever you need inspiration on what to buy that is bespoke, then Amazon are here to help. With DNA kits to chocolate delights, they are helping new businesses thrive, including my favourite Victoria Eggs. Having featured them before on the blog, it was lovely to finally meet the team behind the items and to see what they have coming out at Christmas. I am going to be having words with my mum on how many items we can make fit around our table before the big day, as the team has gone but this year.

As I waved goodbye to the homemade area, I descended into the home, toys, fashion and sports section. Whilst I didn’t find out much from the fashion, sport or makeup area, due to going a bit later in the day, there was lots to do in the home features.

Cool square lights that work with an Alexa device but allow you to draw on them, pretty mugs and glasses and a pillow which plays soft sounds and wakes you a little when you snore too much were some of the highlights for me. Yet, I promise kids won’t be sleeping with the LEGO, L.O.L Surprise Dolls and new for this year, Monopoly Cheaters Edition when it comes around to the big day.

Finally, in the main room, I had a little look at the book section. Christmas is always a time for food and not just the stuff they had on show. Amazon is always in the know and this year it seems we will be going made for cool books. The coolest one being, How To Eat A Peach, which has a cover that feels just like a real peach. Fancy as hell my loves!

Before I left the building and returned to the hot July sunshine, I went into a small section of the building to discuss Amazon Smile. Free to you, the scheme is something new to Amazon this year, which allows money to be donated to a charity - including local ones - of our choice without any costs to you. After you have chosen your charity, you simply have to add smile. to the URL to make sure that whatever or when you purchase leads to a donation.

After discovering more about it and the ease of it, I have been using it and donating to Mind in Mid Herts, as they have been amazing with all the mental health issues I have suffered with. Knowing that a small or big shop is helping them is incredible and in the lead up to Christmas when big spends are made, the charities will be rewarded a lot.

Finally, as I headed out into the July evening sunshine and off to Moorgate station, I had one final stop to make. The Treasure Truck is like one of those lorries you see at big open-air markets that sell random but great products for less. However, in this case, you are alerted of the Amazon truck when it is close to you, what it has in it and if you buy it, where to go to pick it up. No more standing around waving money in the air to get the sellers attention.

At the event, the truck was being used as a goodie bag station and a giant bubble machine. The tote bag was a huge surprise and I love everything that was in it. I’m even giving some of the men based items as a Christmas gift because they are so nice.

In the lead, up to the big day, I will be writing up a Christmas Gift Guide filled with the many delights I saw on the big day for you to also enjoy. So, make sure to look out for it in November lovelies! For now, though, I just want to say a massive thank you to Amazon for letting me come along to one of the best events I have been to and for spreading Christmas loud enough for all to hear. Even if it is only July aha!

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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