Jabra Have The Perfect Wireless Headphones To Make Your Commute Film Watching Friendly!


Good Afternoon Lovelies,

As many of you know, I headed to the Amazon Christmas Wish List 2018 event a few weeks ago and whilst I was there I discovered a really innovative brand. Having purchased an iPhone 8 Plus recently, I have found the only thing wrong with it is the lack of a headphone port.

Carrying around the small cable in place of it is something I fear, as I know that I will lose it. And the cost of getting a replacement one can be a lot. As is the cost of Apple wireless headphones, which I also believe I would lose.

There so, when I was looking around the tech area and saw Jabra’s new designs that were small, smart and better designed for bag usage. Plus, they don’t have the annoying white bit that hangs down the eye, meaning they were snugger within the ear.

After speaking with a member of the team at the event, they kindly sent me a sample of the Jabra Elite 65t to trial and I was super excited to do so. Whilst I don’t normally listen to music on my phone, I struggle to listen to voice messages and videos whilst on the go with my phone.

However, after simply connecting these via the Bluetooth setting on my phone, I could hear clearly everything I needed to. They weren’t too bulky and they were able to fit in my bag without taking up any room in their handy charger case. Something that is a lot bigger and easier to keep an eye on than other headphone systems I have seen in place.

In fact, speaking of the charging system, I especially loved this case type element too it. As I’ve stated before I am a very clumsy person and would lose my head if it wasn’t screwed on. There so, seeing the charger and the way it doubles up as a place to keep them safe made me appreciate them even more. I felt like I was getting two products for the price of one.

Coming in many colours, I loved the gold casting of the ones I received, but I also liked the black options and the upcoming sweat proof design too. For me, they definitely felt more inventive and fun to wear. And a lot more affordable too.

Cheaper than other wireless headphones at £149.99, they are worth every penny. I will admit that it is still a bit pricey for a pair of headphones, but when you look at the size, case and added bonuses that come with them, the product has been made with durability and long-lasting features that mean your money will be well spent. There will be no need to replace them in a year or so.

Jabra is a brand I will admit I had never heard of before, but I am so glad I found them at the Amazon event when I did. With cutting-edge technology and fun features that make them stand out, to me they are the perfect mobile gadget for music and film loving fans on the go.

To find out more about them, check out their website here lovelies: https://www.jabra.co.uk/bluetooth-headsets/jabra-elite-65t and look out for them in the blog’s 2018 Christmas gift guide.

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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