Carphone Warehouse Has Made The Ultimate Movie Calendar To Help Us Find The Perfect Daily Films!


Good Afternoon Lovelies, 

Are you stuck with what to watch tonight on this 4th July? In fact, do you find it hard to pick a film when sitting in lovelies? I am one of those people who often says I will find something in my film cupboard or on Netflix/Amazon Prime and then by the time I have discovered something, I have spent the length of a film looking.

There so, when Carphone Warehouse messaged me to tell me about their exciting new calendar I was excited to take a look. With cool film facts and partnerships, the calendar picks a film for every day of the year for you to watch.

For example, to mark July 4th, the film it suggests is The Shining, due to an image in the film dating back to the day. Cool, right? The calendar has more little bits like this that will keep you entertained. Especially when it comes to birthdays and seasonal events.

After looking through the calendar intensively, I have come up with a few of my favourites to entertain you all with…

January 13th - Walk the Line: The film was chosen due to Johnny Cash performing in the Folsom Prison on that day (plus it is one of my favourite films!).

March 24th – The Breakfast Club: The day in which the students or the Breakfast Club had their detention on in the film.

April 29th – The Godfather: Chosen due to it being the birthday of Vito Corleone! This film is really an offering you can’t refuse.

May 15th – Bend It Like Beckham: An 18-year-old David Beckham played his first 90 minutes as a player for Manchester United.

June 21st – Bridget Jones’ Diary: I love this fact, because not only was the film picked as it is the day in which Bridget Jones declares her hatred for Mark Darcy (look how that turned out!), but it is also my mum’s birthday – a woman obsessed with Colin Firth.

July 14th – The Theory of Everything: Sorry, I know it seems a little self-obsessed picking my birthday, but I actually love this film and I love the fact that goes with it. On this day, Stephen Hawking’s and his first wife Jane got married in 1965.

August 17th – Nowhere Boy: The film has been picked to mark the day in which The Beatles travelled to Hamburg in 1960. I bet they didn’t know what was going to happen after that trip aha!

September 19th – Forrest Gump: This is the day in which Forrest, who was always told to run, finally stopped running. He definitely deserved a large box of chocolates after his journey.

There are so many more dates I could pick lovelies, but I don’t want to spoil it for you lovelies. To find out more or to get every day help on what to watch, visit the calendar here.

Anyone for a screening of The Shining tonight then? 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X 

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