Celebrate The New Season Of Love Island With These Ultimate Moments


Good Afternoon Lovelies, 

Tonight marks the return of one of my biggest guilty pleasures. In fact, I’m not even guilty about it! Since falling in love with the third season last year, I have spent the past two weeks binging the first and second seasons to bring you this post. And for my own personal benefit aha!

With fights, love and banter, I have gathered some of my favourite moments from the show to get us all in the mood for tonight. Get ready to feel the love...

The ultimate bromance: This year’s contestants will have to not only find a new partner but to be anything like Chris and Kem, they will also have to have the perfect bromance. For most of last year, I was actually routing for these two to just pair up and win!

Malin’s Return: After nearly leaving the villa to be with her, Terry decided to stay and went on the have a bit of a scandalous romp in the villa. All of which sparked the return of Marlin for one of the best showdowns ever.

Jason Staythumb: Never has anything been so meme-worthy as this moment from the show was. Still to this day if anyone mentions Jason Statham, this is what comes to my mind. Who else is with me?

Any Shopping Trips: Whether it be Jon and Hannah’s very funny cycle ride to the shop or Chris and Olivia’s garlicko adventure, the shopping trips are always one of the best bits within the show.

Sophie’s Miss GB Speech: After Zara had her Miss GB title taken off of her after having sex in the show, Sophie told it how it was and gave the ultimate speech during the talent show. Girl power right there!

Camilla and Jamie: We all thought Camilla had met her man in Johnny, but after a fight about feminism (we all were very glad she dumped him after this!), Jamie came along and proved to be the perfect man for her. They are still together now and still ultra-sweet.

Muggy Mike: Mike entered and left with a whole new name. One that he will never ever live down. However, whilst we all know him as this, we all also secretly really loved him and his laid-back ways.

Stormzy’s Appearance: After weeks of rapping and plotting their musical careers, Kem and Chris were treated to a surprise when Stormzy guest appeared in the house. Facing up to Olivia, this is a moment that will never be forgotten.

There are so many more moments I could mention lovely, with these being only a few, but I wanted to see what some of your best bits were. Let me know in the comments below or on social media.

It is time for Love Island 2018 to begin!

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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