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Good Morning Lovelies, 

When I first heard about Dietland, the newest AMC series to come to Amazon Prime Video UK, I was excited. It seemed like the perfect drama to feel the hole that had been left with the end of season finales. However, this new show, which follows Plum, played by newcomer Joy Nash, isn’t as exciting as it seems.

Having been sent the first two episodes early to review, the show reminds me a bit of a salad. You gather the leaves and the vegetables. You chop them up and mix them together and in the end, you either get the best meal possible or a limp dish. This is the limp dish kind.

Based in the world of magazines, the show follows Nash’s Plum, as she takes on the advice column for a glossy magazine run by Kitty Montgomery, played by Julianna Marguilies. Along the way, we see Plum attend weight loss classes, speaking to plastic surgeons about changing her body and baking cakes that she doesn’t eat. Her world is a dark place until she is wrapped up in a number of murders that take place involving abusive men.

Created by Marti Noxon, the maker of UnREAL, the show has the cast, the creativity and the story to go far. However, it lacks drawing audiences in. Instead of drawing audiences in within the first few moments, the show takes up until the first half to even mention anything of worth. Don’t get me wrong the character of Plum is an interesting one, by the edge that Noxon’s other shows have is lost here.

At a time when so many of the topics in the show are being discussed in depth, the show should work in our favour. It should bring us together and get us speaking. Yet, this one keeps us all well-hidden and well back from being able to connect with Plum. Her world is her own and no one is going to be able to enter it, making any sense of audience and character pairing gone.

As for Marguilies character, the show doesn’t feature her as much as you would like. For a powerful actress, this character seems to be more like a villain and not one that we can all get on board with a secretly route for. With her lack of on-screen presence, there is again no relationship built here and her role is not one that can be locked onto.

Out now on Amazon Prime Video UK, the show will release the first two episodes together to give us the ultimate introduction. With such a hard-hitting basis and very out there stories, these two features are needed to either zap you in or spit you out lovelies. Only time will tell though if this show will become a hit one.

There so, I am giving it…

2 ½ Stars

Blog Soon, 
Joey X 

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