Tune Into The Royal Wedding Of The Year This Saturday With The Amazon Fire TV Stick!


Good Afternoon Lovelies,

With the royal wedding, less than a week away, the celebrations have begun and wedding fever has hit the UK hard! But have you decided how you will be watching it?

Announced early on ITV and BBC will be showing coverage of the event throughout the day, but with everyone gathering around one TV a bit hard (squashed bums don’t make for the ultimate party) I have found the solution!


The Amazon Fire Stick, which has plenty of apps on it that you can use in the lead up to the big day, will be showing the wedding via the ITV and BBC iPlayer apps. That means you can simply plug it into your closest TV, add your Wi-Fi and away you go. Simple and fast wedding fun.

In fact, it is so easy to set up that you won’t even need to look up the wedding. By using the Alexa remote, you can simply ask her to find it and put it on and whilst you switch on the kettle, grab a slice of cake (it is a wedding after all!) and kick back, she will have done all the work. Who needs a butler to help?!?

Plus, the Amazon Fire Stick will also make it easier for you to catch up on the big day if you miss it. Simple find the ITV or BBC apps and stream it later in the day via them. There truly is no excuse to miss the event of the year.

Plus, if you join in with watching with Amazon on the big day, there will be a whole of people joining you, who you can speak to via their exclusive hashtag: #RoyalWeddingonFireTV

I have had my Amazon Fire Stick for a few days now and I absolutely love it! From streaming the latest Netflix series to prepping myself for the big day with shows such as Don’t Tell The Bride, Cheapest Weddings and The Crown, I am officially pumped for Saturday!

To find out more about the Amazon Fire Stick lovelies, visit their website here: https://amzn.to/2rEys8a

This wedding is going to be hot, hot, hot thanks to the fire stick lovelies! Will you be streaming in?!?

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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