Not Sure What To Watch Now The Royal Wedding Is Over? Let The Amazon Fire TV Stick and Myself Help!


Good Afternoon Lovelies,

With last week being all about the Royal Wedding on the blog, I feel a little bit lost today. I don’t know what to watch, what to get excited about or know how to get myself a prince aha! Who else is with me?

If so, I have decided that we need to have a little bit of fun. Streaming/binging fun that is lovelies. So, I have looked all over the Amazon Fire TV stick, all the apps on it and found the best things to binge to help us get over the wedding (as if!) and prepared for summer.

Let’s get watching lovelies…

Love Island, Netflix: Sadly, now that Prince Harry is married I don’t think I am going to find love with a royal. But, I may just find a relationship like one of those on Love Island (Camilla and Jamie are goals!). 14 episodes in two days may have been a bit extreme but I couldn’t stop myself lovelies. You have been warned!

The Bold Type, Amazon Prime Video: Before the second season begins, get yourself sat down and watching this show. It is like a perfect mixture of Girls, Gossip Girl and Sex and the City all rolled into one with very modern themes. Love being one of them.

The Incredibles, Disneylife: Back this summer for a second outing, now is the perfect time to kick back and watch the first film all over again. You will have forgotten all about the Royal Wedding in no time.

Plebs, ITV Hub: Go to a completely different way of living and do what the Romans would not do in this comedy. Four seasons in and Grumio is still my everything and more. You will love it whether you are a comedy fan or not.

The Windsors, All 4: If you can’t get enough of the royals lovelies, then get stuck into this bunch who give you a very different take on them.

The Royal Wedding, BBC iPlayer: If like me you can’t get over the magic of the big day and all its perfect moments, then simply head to the BBC iPlayer app and watch it all over again!

What will you be watching on your Amazon Fire TV Stick now the wedding is over lovelies? 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X 

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