My April Blogger Favourites Featuring Queer Eye and More!


Good Afternoon Lovelies,

Amongst the rain, new royal baby and mini heatwave, April was a bit of a mad month. Personal and blog issues came to head and my family went into meltdown.

But along the way, we got through them and I had some amazing moments. Here are just a few...

The Avengers: Infinity War: April for me was all things Avengers! I will openly admit I was jealous of people who saw it early, have fallen deeply in love with everyone in it and even told a famous designer to go and see it! If you haven’t yet I can’t suggest you do more aha!

A Quiet Place: Avengers wasn’t the only film though that won me over. At the start of the month, I went to see A Quiet Place and loved it. Like an epic and long episode of Stranger Things, this will have you wanting to be as quiet as possible and loving the kick-ass family.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel: After hearing about this show throughout award season, I finally found the time to enjoy it. And enjoy it I did! If you love 60s outfits, an amazing leading lady and more jokes than you can think of, then this is the uplifting show for you.

Tezenis Trousers: Every July, I try to get away for my birthday and this year I am going to be doing so in style. When I first saw these, I fell in love with them but didn’t buy them. After a few weeks, I still couldn’t stop thinking about them, so I had to go back and get them. Unfortunately I can't find them on their website, but they are a culotte version of these without the trim.

Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion: With the changing weather and my health wreaking havoc on my skin, plus with the lack of time in the morning, I have fallen for in shower body lotions. Especially the aloe vera one by Nivea, which smells amazing and has completely transformed my skin for the better. Silky smooth legs are now a thing of the present in my life.

Buckwheat Pasta: Most people are aware that I’m trying to eat as healthy as possible. However, along the way, my mind has told me that some foods that are good for you are bad and I am trying to stop that and introduce them back in. Starting with this pasta, which is now my go-to comfort food with broccoli, Quark, green beans and brussels. All good and delicious.

Queer Eye: Another show I found myself falling in love with and using to help me in every step I take in life now is Queer Eye. Each member of the team is so lovable and you can’t pick a favourite. From the opening episode to the hilarious firefighter finale, it left me feeling so happy that there was this amazing team spreading love and happiness around!

Amazon Fire 7 Tablet: Around the middle of April, I had a complete meltdown one night. In ultimate over the top fashion, I couldn’t handle the fact that my tablet just broke. There so, I was on Amazon as quickly as possible getting another one. Using Amazon Prime Now, I ordered the tablet and got it within two hours of my selected time. I was so impressed and would definitely use it again, especially for a quick food shop.

What were some of your favourite things in April lovelies?!?

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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