So Long March! Here Are My Favourite Things From The Month...


Good Afternoon Lovelies, 

Let me start by saying that March was a bit of a whirlwind of emotions for me and my family. Over the past week or so, we have had to deal with a lot and it really feels like something we dealt with in a day took over the whole month.

This is why it has taken me forever to post my favourites from the month, as I completely lost track of everything that I did, heard or saw during it. Finally, though, I have gathered together a few of my favourite things from it to share with you all…

Easter: I love celebrating the holidays. Whether it be Easter or my ultimate favourite Christmas, I enjoy decorating the house and buying gifts for everyone. This year, the team at Cadbury’s were amazing and the whole family got to enjoy a selection of treats. Although I did hide the mini eggs aha!

Isle of Dogs Exhibition: A friend at work made me aware of this exhibition happening just down the road. Although I am yet to see the film, this exhibition showcased the sets from it and I am now desperate to see them in motion. Especially the very cool diner scene.

Dove 2018 Big Event: Early on in March, I was kindly invited to this year’s Dove event in London. Seeing all the new products and the classics get a spring/summer updates, have made me so ready for summer. A season that will be celebrated with super soft skin now aha!

Dreamgirls: I will admit lovelies that I don’t think I would go and see this show again, but it still makes the list for one reason. Never before have I felt so emotional watching a song be performed as I was seeing I Am Telling You done live. It is this performance that makes this show worth every penny.

The Oscars: The glitz, the glamour, the awards, what more could you want from an awards show? Jimmy Kimmel pulled it out of the bag again and this year it was all about fighting for what was right. Frances McDormand’s speech still makes me feel so many things!

New Avengers Infinity War Trailer: With only a few weeks left to go, the Avengers team gave us another preview and I just can’t handle it all lovelies. Bearded Captain America. Guardians of the Galaxy working with them. The tension. My heart couldn’t handle this teaser, so I am very worried what it is going to do when I see the full film.

Grey’s Anatomy: I am super late to this show, but I am so obsessed with it that I can’t stop watching. After only a week I have just started season 3 and I just know I am going to get even worse as it goes on. Especially when I was able to understand everything a doctor at my grandad’s hospital was saying the other day aha!

What were your favourite things about March lovelies? Let me know! 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X 

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