Disney On Ice Brought To Life A World Of Enchantment This Weekend!


Good Afternoon Lovelies, 

Disney holds a very special place in my heart! Ever since I was little I have loved it and I didn’t know how much until I went to Disneyland Paris last summer. Now I talk about it all the time, am trying to complete the collection and always end up buying to much Disney stuff when out.

This love is something that I am now passing onto my nephew, who I was very lucky to take with me to see the new Disney on Ice show at Wembley over the weekend. After kindly being gifted tickets, we headed into the different Worlds of Enchantment on Sunday morning at Wembley Arena.

After seeing a previous Disney on Ice show in December, I was reassured that my nephew would enjoy it. And enjoy it we all did! Starring Toy Story, The Little Mermaid, Frozen and my families favourite Cars, the show was action packed and heart-warming, which made us have the ultimate Sunday Funday.

Starting with a get-up and dance segment, the show began with the amazing Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy taking to the ice to introduce the different worlds we would be going to. With the first stop being Toy Story. Beginning with a dance packed toy soldier’s moment, the Toy Story section was all about the third film, which meant that Ken and Barbie became the stars of the show. And I can safely reassure you all that Ken was just as epic on the ice, as he is in the film!

Dancing throughout the whole piece, the party continued under the sea, as we dived into the second piece of the show, which was The Little Mermaid. Taking the classic songs from the film, the cast brought to life the film in such an epic way that it felt like I was at home snuggled up enjoying one of my favourite Disney features.

The show took a quick 15-minute break between this set of worlds and the next, which was spent with my nephew jumping up and down excited about who was coming next. As the lights went down and Mickey and Minnie came out in a car, the arena lit up. As the classic characters faced a broken-down car, the Cars team revved up and stepped up to help them fix it and this is when my nephew screamed in excitement. Something I am pleased to share with you.

This face remained all the way through and well into Frozen, as the world of Anna and Elsa returned for the new show, but in a lot more glamourous manner. The fancy cloaks were lucky to still be on the ice because I wanted one. As always though, there was one character who outshines them all and that is our snowy friend, Olaf, who again was funny and charming.

As the snow thawed out, all of the characters came back out for one final goodbye, before hopping onto Anna’s castle and waved goodbye. Just like in December, it was just as magical and the perfect way to spend a weekend. I am always happy to see how much my nephew adores Disney and I know that these shows mean a lot to him and my brother. I definitely enjoyed this one a lot more than the December one, but both were epic.

However, if you get the chance to go to the Worlds of Enchantment, then you definitely should do lovelies. Find out when it is coming to a place near you here: https://www.disneyonice.com/

Have you been to see Disney on Ice live lovelies? What was your favourite moment? 

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Joey X 

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