Your Next Trip Has Just Been Made Easier With Bedtime Bliss' New Travel Pillow!


Good Afternoon Lovelies, 

Do you ever have them days where you just want to get away? Run off to a tropical island and forget all about the winter weather, work and troubles of home? Well, I am one of those people. I love the idea of a city break, exploring everything a new place has to offer. And I don’t even mind the travelling!

When I went to Ireland I travelled by coach and ferry. The same for Belgium. Whilst I took to the skies to explore Sicily and Paris. I love every minute of travelling to different places knowing what is expected of me. However, I do wish that in some cases the seats had been a little bit comfier.  Especially when travelling at night.

Don’t get me wrong, I can sleep! But I do miss the comfort of a pillow, duvet and my own bed. Yet, I may have found something that could help me on my next trip. After reviewing their eye mask last year, I was asked if I would like to try Bedtime Bliss’ new travel pillow. Since Ireland, both me and my mum have been thinking about getting some, as the coach trips can do a number on your neck.
So, this led me to say a very exciting yes, especially when the description on Amazon sounded like heaven. Easy to pump up without getting out of breath, velvet material and added shoulder support meant it sounded just like when I needed. And exactly what I got!

Upon opening the box, I was surprised to find it in a very fancy bag, which when the cushion is in use could be used to store other essentials you may be travelling with. The first thing I noticed about the pillow though was the feeling. It was so smooth and soft that I was already looking forward to trying it on my next long journey. But for the purpose of this review, it was tried around my house, by both my mum and me.

To pump up the pillow, you have to use a small bump like pump situated on one side of it. It took a little longer than blowing it, but I will admit that the pillow felt really stable after doing so and as someone who wasn’t sure how to get it to stay up, it never went down whilst I tried to find out. Meaning no air went to waste! A true time saver!

Easy to put around your neck (anyone sometimes find others feel like you are doing an aerobics class?), the ties hang down and I easily knotted them without feeling like it was to tight on my throat. I then put my head back and found that it gave me a lot of support.

 Yet, this was where I had to get my mum to step in because that woman could get whiplash from the way she sleeps on our sofa. Again, she found it easy to put on, comfy and trialled it during her late-night naps on the sofa. Witnessing this first hand, I could see that her neck was a lot more stable and when she threw it back (she does this), it didn’t look like her head might come flying off aha!

We were both really impressed with the look, feel and quality of this pillow. Whilst it is a little bit more expensive than one you could pick up in a pound shop or other discount stores, it is worth it due to the longevity of the item. It doesn’t go down, doesn’t take up much room and can be stored away nicely. It feels like a pre-holiday treat. It just leaves me to book the holiday now and use it on my next journey!

To find out more about it lovelies, visit Bedtime Bliss’ Amazon page here:

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