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Good Afternoon Lovelies,

Did you hear the amazing news that the cast of Stranger Things are all getting a pay rise? I am so happy to hear this. The show is amazing and they are all so talented that they deserve to be rewarded for their hard work.

In fact, I think we should all have a party to celebrate and dress up as our favourite characters. Better yet, we don’t even need to have a party, just take inspiration from the characters and their amazing looks to mark your dedication to them.

To help you do this, I have teamed up with Amazon Fashion to help you find the best pieces to recreate some of the best-dressed characters looks in the show…


The most fashionable girl in the show, Nancy brings to life 80s fashion with charm and chic. Her laid-back school outfits feature pieces I would wear every day of the week and her fun mix of colours makes her stand out. Whilst we may not be sure if we have forgiven her for breaking Steve’s heart, we can all definitely agree that she has amazing taste in looks for every occasion.

Paul & Joe Gsigrid Jumper, £229.73, Superga Low-Top Trainers, £58.31, Filippa K Flared Jeans, £150 all at Amazon Fashion.


No longer wearing the famous dress, Eleven moved onto cool dungarees for the second season, which has made them hot topics for this summer. Wear with a jumper underneath now or this cool jacket and swap for a crop top or shirt in the summer. Eleven would definitely approve!


Fiorelli Georgia Shoulder Bag, £43.08, Wåven Thea Dungarees, £65, Calvin Klein Trucker Jacket, £128.12 all at Amazon Fashion.


The first of many new characters brought in to the second season of the show, Kali provided us with a wardrobe we could only dream of. From the cool 80s hair to the long black coat that looked super badass with the rolled up sleeves, it was the perfect out of this world outfit for the rebel character.

Timberland Tillston Boot, £78-£188, Gestuz Ada Trouser, £179.99, Won Hundred Sandra Coat, £330 all at Amazon Fashion.


Known for being the bad boy of the group, Billy’s storyline took a sad turn when his troubled relationship with his dad was shown on screen. However, this didn’t stop him from keeping his wardrobe cool throughout the series and his wardrobe is one that can easily be recreated.

Calvin Klein Mino Belt, £45.51, Levi's The Trucker Jacket, £95 and Tommy Jeans Hilfiger Shirt, £77.99 all at Amazon Fashion. 


In the second season of the show, Steve became everyone’s ultimate babysitter. Working with the kids to save the town and the people they love, Steve was the coolest man out of them all and his fashion sense matched his new persona perfectly. Get ready to dress like Steve and don’t forget to style the hair too!

Levi's Men's Thermore Bomber Jacket, £73 and Davis Sport Watch, £165 both at Amazon Fashion.

I can’t wait for the show to come back next year lovelies as we are not only going to get an epic series, but even more amazing costumes like these to recreate. For now, though, I am off to shop aha! 

Let me know in the comments below what your favourite Stranger Things outfit is? Or what you think is the most fashionable show on TV!

Blog Soon, 
Joey X 

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